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The Experiential Learning Framework

We summarized the CapSource methodology and approach to Experiential Learning into its key components: Using & Developing Professional Skills, Using Professional Tools & Technical Skills, Producing Real Outcomes, Working with Real Stakeholders, Getting Real Feedback, and Gaining Reference-Worthy Work Experience. Continue reading to see how these components develop into our model.

Interactive Online Technology Resources Guide

With thousands of online tools available to coordinate team communication and implement tasks, it is difficult to know what works best. Use this interactive guide to find the powerful curated technology tools that will lead to project success! Click here to continue reading.

Going Virtual? Go Experiential, too!

CapSource is encouraging educators and school administrators everywhere to think more broadly about what it means to go “virtual” with their curriculum. Rather than morphing live lectures, tests, and quizzes into virtual versions of the same thing, we’re helping our university partners try something completely new by exposing students virtually to real-world organizations, their employees, and their business challenges. Continue reading here.

Launching OpenCases: Free Open Innovation Challenges

Because our mission has always been to make education as engaging and relevant for students as possible, we decided this would be the best time to launch a FREE new educational resource: #OpenCases.

Educators everywhere can begin using our Library of OpenCases, which are plug-and-play “Case Studies” based on recently completed Capstone Projects and Live Cases. Continue reading here…