Consulting Internship

Employment Opportunities

The top performing students will be offered FULL TIME JOBS at Coinsource!


Certificates of Completion validate the reference-worthy skills & experiences gained throughout the competition!

Professional Networking

The exposure to Coinsource executives & other industry leaders in business & technology is truly unique.

How It Works

1. Apply to Participate

We ask you to complete a quick case study and interview to ensure your drive and commitment to the case competition.

2. Get Placed on a Team

CapSource carefully curates 4-person teams based on skills, location, and other interests to ensure student success.

3. Solve Case Challenge

Teams develop Coinsource's go-to-market strategy as a key vendor and resource to provide Americans access to their banking product.

4. Compete for 1st Place

The first place winning team earns $1000 (split evenly)! Plus, the top performing students receive FULL TIME offers from Coinsource!
** Registration Closes: February 26th, 2021 11:59 PM EST **
Participants Accepted on Rolling Basis

More about Coinsource & Important Milestones

Coinsource, the world's leader in Bitcoin ATMs, has established itself as the industry leader through its proprietary software and services. This innovative fast-growing company is getting ready to launch their new product offering to disrupt and redefine the banking industry, and bring support to the millions of unbanked and underbanked Americans.

They are looking for creative and driven individuals to create a go-to-market strategy that will be presented to Coinsource executives.

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Deliverables & Dates

March 11th, 2021

Application & Case Assessment Due

March 16th, 2021

Kickoff Webinar & Materials Released

April 27th, 2021

Top 4 Final Presentations

Gain reference-worthy experience in topics related to:

Growth Strategy



Product Design & Development

Reporting, Financial Planning & Analysis

Research & Development

Sales & Business Development

Then, showcase your new skills to your professional network...

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