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Develop a Go-to-Market Strategy for Launching our Company’s New Software Product

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Project Synopsis

The goal of this tech project is to support and protect customers by offering affordable health, dental, and vision coverage for US citizens via a crypto token. According to the latest data are available from the National Health Interview Survey’s Early Release Program, in the United States:

Number of persons under age 65 uninsured at the time of interview: 32.8 million
Percent of persons under age 65 uninsured at the time of interview: 12.1%
Percent of children under age 18 uninsured at the time of interview: 5.1%
Percent of adults aged 18-64 uninsured at the time of interview: 14.7%

It’s important to have health insurance as a safety net. If you unexpectedly get sick or injured, health insurance is there to help cover costs that you likely can’t afford to pay on your own.

Health care can be very expensive. It can be an enormous financial burden. Surgery, emergency care, prescription drugs, lab work, scans and examinations – these sorts of costs can add up very quickly. They can even be high enough to cause individuals to go bankrupt, or to turn down care that they need but can’t afford out-of-pocket.

But, with health insurance, you’re not facing those costs as an individual; there’s an insurance plan helping you cover the costs, and helping you navigate the confusion of medical billing.

Let’s face it, medical bills aren’t the sort of thing you want to be dealing with while ill, injured, in a hospital bed or the emergency room. It’s smart to make difficult financial decisions ahead of time, by getting health insurance before you get sick.

Suggested strategy:
– Develop a strategy to further integrate Coinsource ATMS into brick and mortar locations, specifically Herbalife Nutrition Clubs
– Develop an insurance company based on crypto token
– Token is launched and made available on CoinSource ATMs

Project Topics

Company Information

CompanyNew HOPE Community Development Corporation (NHCDC)
HQ3120 Alex Trask Drive, Castle Hayne, NC, USA
StagePre-Revenue Startup
Hiring PotentialFollow-on Projects, Formal Internship, Entry Level Full-Time, Upper Level Full-Time

Company Overview

Founded in Spring 2021, New HOPE Community Development Corporation (NHCDC) exists to create economic opportunity, improve public health, and inspire civic engagement and service - primarily in the Wilmington, North Carolina area of the United States. NHCDC accomplishes its mission by implementing initiatives under four main categories: housing, education, economic empowerment, and recovery.   The specific objectives and purposes of this corporation shall be:
  1.  To initiate, promote and assist in the development of housing, economic development, and community improvement programs and activities.
  2. To provide affordable housing facilities and services designed specifically for senior citizens to meet their physical, social, and psychological needs and promote their health, security, happiness, and usefulness in living. The charges for facilities and services are predicated upon the provision.
  3.  To improve the circumstances of the neighborhood’s low- and moderate-income residents by reducing the level of unemployment and underemployment through the creation of job opportunities.
  4. Irrevocably dedicated to and operates exclusively for non-profit purposes, and no part of the income or assets of the Corporation shall be distributed to or inure to benefit any individual.
  5. To provide facilities, personnel and funds for studies, surveys and demonstration activities leading to effective programs to be carried out by private and public institutions and agencies directed toward the achievement of the mission of New HOPE CDC.
  6.  To design, build, and manage an event center that will serve the community in providing resources for community needs; incubator for small businesses; activity center to meet the needs of the community and surrounding areas.
  7.  To organize neighborhood residents of all ages to identify and respond to community issues.
  8. To work cooperatively with existing public and private agencies toward the effective utilization of human resources in the community.
  9. To make contributions, grants or loans of funds or property, with or without interest, that will further the objective of the New HOPE CDC and accomplish its purposes.
  10. To acquire by purchase, gift, devise, bequest, lease or otherwise, to own, hold, use, maintain, improve, and operate, and to sell, lease and otherwise dispose of, real and personal property to the extent authorized by law.
  11.  In general, to perform and do all other acts and things incidental to or in furtherance of the accomplishment of the proposes of the New HOPE CDC, and to use and exercise all powers conferred from time to time by the laws of the of the State of North Carolina.

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