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Over 14 million organizations provide education, healthcare, food, finance, technology, and other services to over 5 billion people. However, there are no clear market leaders or data standards for this sector. 4 out of 5 organizations use excel sheets to collect their data, and 88% report that they don’t know how to save costs and measure their impact.

Quantibly is a unique SaaS solution that supports every aspect of a nonprofit’s data collection, fundraising, financial management, and customer engagement processes. It allows organizations to save costs, increase efficiency, set standards, realize successes, and measure impact. It can help organizations forecast service needs, see trends at local/regional/global scale, and address challenges to improve the lives of billions around the world.

Our platform is in a state of scaling. The pandemic has exposed a tremendous need for collecting, measuring, and reporting social determinants of health. We are proposing a project that would create statistical evaluation models for nonprofits that do not use data science to measure their impact. We plan to create models for measuring quantitative and qualitative information and create a development pipeline.

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Quantibly is a unique SaaS solution that is targeted for the Social Sector to support every aspect of their data collection, fundraising, financial management and customer engagement processes. It allows the social sector organizations to set standards, realize their successes, and measure their impact.

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