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Investigation of the World’s Top International Startup Ecosystems

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Project Synopsis

Blitzscaling Ventures is a growth-stage venture capital firm that invests globally in fast-scaling companies in winner-take-most or winner-take-all markets.  We evaluate companies using our proprietary scoring model based on the blitzscaling framework, as described in the book “Blitzscaling: The Lightning Fast Path To Building Massively Valuable Companies.”

To strengthen our ability to find the most blitzscalable deals globally, we seek to increase our familiarity with the top @50 international startup ecosystems and build a tracking tool that allows us to regularly monitor the activity of the most active and relevant investors in each market who are investing at prior stages (e.g., Seed, Series A) and who seem to have a propensity for deals that align with our thesis.

Through a  a combination of Crunchbase data analysis and internet research, for each international ecosystem we will:

  1. Export a list of venture capital firms active in each market (local and non-local)
  2. Export a list of all deals in the market in the past 24 months
  3. Review and score relevant deals using our Blitzscaling scoring methodology (training provided in project pre-work)
  4. Make a list of the most active investors in the market
  5. Rank the investors based on the relevance of their deals to our Blitzscaling criteria
  6. Enter these VC firms into our CRM, locate their partners on linkedin and add them to the CRM profile for future outreach
  7. Aggregate a list of all Seed, Series A and Series B deals that meet our Blitzscalability criteria for our subsequent review
  8. Review listings of publicly traded companies and seek to identify and score the top 100 companies that blitzscaled (“Blitzscalers”). Add them to the Blitzscalability Grader database.
  9. Cross reference these public blitzscalers with the investor lists–which investors were also associated with blitzscalers who IPOd?
  10. Prepare a final dataset and presentation summarizing the findings:
    1. What are the top 100 public companies that blitzscaled?
      1. Which investors supported them?
      2. Which ecosystems spawned them?
    2. Who are the top investors in the top international ecosystems
      1. Ranked by number of blitzscalable deals they’re associated with
      2. What are those deals?


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Company Information

CompanyBlitzscaling Ventures
HQPalo Alto, Ca
StageEstablished Startup
Hiring PotentialFollow-on Projects, Formal Internship

Company Overview

WE ADVISE FOUNDERS TACKLING WINNER-TAKE-MOST MARKETS The "must win" nature of Blitzscaling is simultaneously exciting, uncomfortable and chaotic. We are here to help.  Chris Yeh literally co-wrote the book on Blitzscaling, and works hands-on with our portfolio companies as they grow to help them dominate their markets.  He applies the principles that he and Reid Hoffman developed for the book to help companies scale rapidly into winner-take-most markets. Founders bring us in to help them become the acclaimed leader of an iconic company.  We educate the entire staff in your growth strategy. We work hands-on with product and growth teams. We avoid a governance role, so you can level with us as we think through tough issues.  Our investment establishes your status as a true Blitzscaler.

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