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NIU Fall 2019 Live Business Case – Project 4 – TALENT MANAGEMENT, ORG CULTURE, D&I (Retention)

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Project Synopsis

PROJECT 4: How Can Rock King Reduce Costly Employee Churn?


Talent retention is the food service industry is a tough nut to crack. There are many employment options available to job candidates and the roles are similar in terms of responsibilities and compensation. For Rock King, it’s rather tough to retain employees over the long-term. Naturally, there’s a cost of hiring and training employees, so the longer they’re able to stay, the more valuable they are to the business. Currently, 20% of employees leave within the first 6-weeks of starting at Rock King. Management knows that even a slight improvement in these numbers can lead to drastic improvements in financial performance. They’re hoping to enlist your help on identifying ways the company can better attract and retain talent over the long-haul.

Project Topics

Company Information

CompanyRock King L.P.
StageSmall Business
Hiring PotentialFollow-on Projects, Formal Internship, Entry Level Full-Time

Company Overview

Rock King L.P. owns and operates nine (9) Midwestern Burger King locations Today the Burger King Corporation, its affiliates and its franchisees collectively operate more than 17,000 restaurants in more than 100 countries and U.S. territories, serving over 11 million guests per day and they’re still coming back for that flame-grilled flavor. The Burger King® brand is owned by Restaurant Brands International Inc. (“RBI”), which owns three of the world’s iconic quick service restaurant brands – Burger King®, Tim Hortons®, and Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen®. But we still have room to grow – and that’s where you come in. We need strong operations, bold marketing, and the best people around to make these brands great. And if we like what we see, there’s no limit to how far you could go here.

Experiential Learning Program Details

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Student Time Commitment- Per Week
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Program Timeline

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Key Project Milestones

  • September 30, 2019 - PART 1: Assess the Rock King Employee Recruitment Process

    • Who is the target audience to work at a Rock King restaurant?
    • How does the hiring process typically work?
    • What criteria does Rock King look for in an ideal employees?
    • What types of roles are available at a Rock King restaurant?
    • How does Rock King currently attract talent?

    Suggested Deliverable:

    Milestone Deliverable –Due on September 30th:
    Prepare an in-class presentation on Rock King’s talent recruitment process.

  • October 21, 2019 - PART 2: Analyze the Employee Landscape for Fast Food Restaurants Like Rock King

    • How do employees choose which food restaurants to work at?
    • What are the key characteristics employees consider when choosing restaurants to work at?  (Consider: Brand Perception, Proximity, Growth Opportunities, Referrals, Compensation, etc.)

    Suggested Deliverable:

    Milestone Deliverable –Due on October 21st:
    Prepare an in-class presentation on the labor market for fast food in your region.

  • November 11, 2019 - PART 3: Analyze the Employee Turnover Challenge for Rock King

    • Rock King needs 30-40 employees to run each store
    • 80% of Staff Stays Over 1 Year, the Remaining 20% of Employees Turnover in 6-weeks
    • How do these statistics compare with other operators?
    • What kind of challenge does constant employee turnover cause for Rock King?
    • What would you suggest to reduce the number of employees that turnover?

    Suggested Deliverable:

    Milestone Deliverable –Due on November 11th:

    Prepare an in-class presentation on different options that might work for reducing employee turnover

  • December 2, 2019 - Final Deliverable

    Final Deliverable – December 2nd: Select one strategy for reducing employee turnover and prepare a final presentation and paper on your strategy to improve employee turnover including the action-plan and any cost implications.

    Suggested Deliverable:

    Presentation and Paper

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