Bridging the Skills Gap at Scale

As the leader in experiential programs, CapSource offers technology that helps schools and companies more effectively train and place junior talent by developing high-impact experiential programs.

Cap Team

We are committed to provided next-gen talent with reference-worthy experiences that launch successful careers!


Jordan Levy

Co-Founder, CEO


Ankush Manchanda

Co-Founder, Director of Product

Greg Ryan

Director of Finance

Haider Khan

Senior Engineer

Faisal Awan

Software Engineer

Valeria Ruiz Juarez

Marketing Director

Constanza Rubio

Marketing Manager

Melody Tolentino

Partnerships Manager

Louis Mulamula

Partnerships Manager

Julie Lim

Senior Designer

Evan Stupak

Product Management

Samantha Celis

Partnerships Coordinator

Colin Gabuzda

Analytics Manager

Caleb Kyle

Product Design & Strategy

Claudia Veiga


Abdullah Alavi

Software Engineer



Abbey Goldenberg

Marketing & Design Consultant, Co-Founder of CapSource

I joined the CapSource team at its earliest stages, setting the tone for a strong brand identity and opportunities for constant iteration and growth. The marketing team has become foundational to the company’s success.


LD Metcalfe


I have built highly successful experiential learning programs like the Field Consulting Initiative for MBA Students at William & Mary

Asim Walia


I am a former education technology vendor turned CapSource host company and hospitality guru.


Donald Doane

EdTech Guru

I am an entrepreneur that works with schools and publishers on processing student analytics to ensure teaching effectiveness

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