Jumpstart your Professional Journey with the Help of Experiential Learning

A simple process to gain resume-boosting experience through hands-on collaborations with real companies.

What is Experiential Learning?

Experiential Learning is a way for students to gain real-world experience while still in college by working on projects to solve real issues for real industry partners.

Students who participate in experiential learning benefit by identifying and developing career-related skills and attributes employers are seeking. Students also engage in behaviors that support personal and professional development, such as reflection and self-assessment on areas of strength and areas which require improvement.

Testimonials from stakeholders who have participated in the Experiential Learning process.

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Experiential Learning Modules Available



Students can actively engage with Industry Partners by participating in carefully curated projects. With CapSource you can participate in various opportunities such as capstone projects, credited internships, micro internships, work studies, study abroad programs, research projects, field studies, and more. This enables you to gain valuable hands-on experience and explore diverse learning avenues beyond traditional classroom settings.




Browse our growing library of highly-interactive, customizable case-based learning experiences that can help you apply course content to real-world scenarios. This asynchronous approach is designed to make experiential learning more accessible and scalable for all disciplines by empowering educators to deliver relevant and exciting curricula. Case-based learning is an excellent way to be prepared to solve real complex challenges like an industry leader.



Our tool empowers you to seamlessly connect with mentors who align with your unique personal and professional development goals. Through customizable one-on-one or cohort-based mentoring experiences, you can engage in a journey of professional growth and learning. Unlock the benefits of authentic mentorship to enhance your educational experience and pave the way for future success.


Benefits of CapSource's Experiential Learning Process

Exclusive Company Access

Engage in part-time & virtual opportunities with elite companies in any industry!

High Quality Collaborations

No “busy work.” Gain reference-worthy experiences solving real company challenges!

Personalized Project Matching

Choose projects based on the topics and industries that you are most interested in!

Leverage Industry Mentors

Build meaningful professional relationships with top company executives & industry leaders!

Earn Certificate of Completion

Showcase skill badges & other certifications with your professional network!

Earn Credit Towards Your Degree

Gain academic credit for gaining work experience - We can help with approval!

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