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Non-Profit Examples

What CSR opportunities do large Wisconsin companies want in 2020?

Capstone project: The MBA Capstone group was tasked with employing industry research to distill the most prominent commonalities within Wisconsin-based Fortune 1000 companies’ corporate social responsibility efforts. Next steps included developing a corporate engagement strategy that responds directly to what these companies are seeking by identifying any CSR market segments that the American Cancer Society neglecting to address and becoming well-acquainted with the corporate partnership opportunities offered by ACS in Wisconsin.

Develop Associate Board of Ambassadors Expansion Strategy

 Live Case Competition: GENUINO, an early stage Italian start-up, leverages their blockchain certification technology and community engagement platform to build and grow revenue streams for all points of engagement. Students were tasked with building the USA Go-to-Market Road Map for GENUINO through partnership research.

Analyzing the Experience of Key Stakeholders to Improve Efficacy

Capstone project: Students conducted qualitative interviews in the interest of advancing impact, with the the ultimate goal of informing BizStarts leadership team on how each of their stakeholders views BizStarts’ overall effectiveness. Lastly, students provided go-forward recommendations on how to succeed long term with their model.

Growth Strategy Examples

Preparing HUNGRY for Growth

Live business case: Students were given the challenge of developing a marketing plan for a major geographical expansion of the business, an analysis of the organizational structure, operations & talent management and suggestions for existing product enhancements & future product development.



Fall 2019 Live Business Cases

Live business case: This project required students to help a Burger King Franchisee analyze their data, exp and the business, create more efficiency, and gain financial clarity through a deep analysis on four different areas.

Help a fast-growing writing support technology company develop and launch a direct-to-consumer strategy

Live business case: Students implemented an overview of key competitors in the space, as well as a go-to market strategy to target the ideal audience profiles and a 5-year projection for how the company will evolve from a revenue and cost perspective based on these change.

E-Commerce Go-To-Market Strategy

Live business case: Following HIDAS’ recent launch their first ever e-commerce strategy aimed at selling products direct-to-consumer, students were given the opportunity to analyze the progress and growth of the campaign and recommend marketing recommendations in order to more effectively convert the company’s audience through an improved go-to-market strategy.

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Supply Chain Audit with Focus on Developing a Robust Quality Control System with Multiple Small Vendors

Capstone project: MBA students first conducted interviews to map where lapses in QC occur and what the outcome of a QC failure at that point is. With this insight they were able to develop recommendations to check and intervene when necessary to uphold high quality and set realistic support case goals to measure success of the program once implemented.

Analyzing the Running Market

Live business case: Think “Hackathon” or Case Competition with a whole class of students! This learning format allows educators to deliver experiential learning to students at scale. Students are often split into groups to work on a live case (or a series of cases) from a real host company that directly relates to key learning objectives.

Content Creation and Distribution Analysis and Strategy

Live business case: An opportunity for students to assess best practices in media and analyze user data to create recommendations for growth for offMetro.com. Students began by diving into the modern media l andscape to understand successful business models for media br ands. Next, they will were challenged to pinpoint how offMetro excels and where offMetro stumbles via a deep dive into Google Analytics. Students presented final recommendations areas for strategic growth around content creation and distribution.

Product Development Examples

Codifying Success for Innovation Launches

Capstone project: MBA students learned that br and growth is the result of flawless execution across numerous touch points ranging from consumers, retailers, distributors, to media. By helping Campari Group to determine what those key drivers are, MBA students had a real-world experience in drawing insights from thoughtful data analysis that will inform marketing strategy.

Case Competition Examples from the Winning Teams

Develop a Roll-Out Strategy to Engage 4000 Volunteers at RMHC Jax

Case Competition: The Ronald McDonald House Charity of Jacksonville (RMHC Jax) serves as a “home away from home” for families who need to be near a hospital for their child’s medical treatment. Student’s objective through this engagement is to help the RMHC Jax craft a strategy to leverage and engage their network of virtual volunteers.

Build the GENUINO USA Go-To-Market Roadmap

Live Case Competition: GENUINO, an early stage Italian start-up, leverages their blockchain certification technology to build and grow revenue streams. Students competed to present the most comprehensive USA Go-To-Market strategy to the GENUINO executive team.

Product Feature Roadmap & Revenue Model Evaluation

Live business case: Students explored ClassPulse’s viable customer segments, the possible revenue models for the company, the pricing strategy they could use, the features they would need to build in order to deliver the most effective product possible for their customer, and the goals they should set as a company for the next few academic years.

Develop a Growth Strategy for Coinsource’s New B2B Bitcoin ATM Platform as a Service Model

USA Go-To-Market Strategy for Medical Product, “munevo DRIVE”

Live business case: Munevo believes the next key market for their DRIVE product is the US. The goal of this challenge was to help Munevo with a go-to-market plan for the US by researching key information pertaining to medical products and the relevant key stakeholders.

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