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Our technology empowers educators to build and manage high-impact experiential learning projects with industry partners that energize classrooms and empower students.

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Use our platform to engage your students in reference-worthy, real-world learning experiences.

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Leverage our industry-integrated learning platform to attract partners then build and manage collaborations.

0 – 400 Student Users

Create Experiential Programs

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Coordinate, scale, and monetize experiential learning programs at your school with a customizable white-label platform. 

400+ Student Users

Create Experiential Programs

Browse & Add OpenCases

Attract & On-Board Industry Partners

Outline & Manage Live Projects

Register & Track Students

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What is Experiential Learning?

Experiential learning is a form of active, applied learning that results in reference-worthy work experience that can be added to the résumé and discussed during interviews.

Through CapSource engagements, students practice using key universal skills like communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity in addition to relevant tools and technical skills in order to develop real outcomes for real stakeholders who provide meaningful and actionable feedback along the way.

As a result, students gain résumé-worthy experience since they’re working with real companies, in real business functions, on real challenges that have real stakes.

CapSource Starter

Try Our Technology Using "Real World" Case Studies

Leverage CapSource's technology with FREE #OpenCases. These up-to-date open innovation challenges are based on previously completed projects. Each case is an intriguing, thought provoking, real-world challenge that can be used as an engaging context for homework, group projects, or class discussions.
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Ready for easier experiential learning?

CapSource LITE

The technology you need to manage and scale your programs

1. Build your Program

Share you teaching goals, timeline, and industry collaboration requirements

2. Match with Partners

Meet with qualified industry partners interested in collaborating

3. Design your Projects

Select your industry partners and design appropriate learning experiences

4. Launch and Mange

Manage your projects using our powerful experiential learning management system


Capstone Project

One student group working closely with industry mentor on one carefully designed project based on one company

Live Case

A larger enrollment engagement where multiple student groups working closely with faculty liaison and industry mentor on one or multiple projects based on one company

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Start Building Your Experiential Program!

We make industry-integrated project-based experiential learning programs easier to coordinate and manage than ever before! With our technology, you can easily enhance student career readiness by connecting your students with industry mentors through project-based collaboration.

Explore our Project Topics and Engagement Formats for inspiration!

Request Proposals from Industry Partners

Attract and easily on-board the right industry partners given your teaching goals, timeline, and project requirements

Design High-Impact Projects

Our project framework makes it easy to align on project goals with new and existing industry partners. Collect and organize all the necessary background materials for launch.

Create an Comprehensive, Engaging Program Timeline

Outline program-level action items, share resources, collect student deliverables, and gather valuable feedback throughout the experience.

On-Board Students, Assign Teams & Projects

Provide your students with the information necessary in order to succeed on industry projects. Monitor and track their experience. Intervene when needed!

Track Student Progress & Learning Outcomes

Collect valuable data points on project progress and learning outcomes.

Issue Badges and Learning Certificates

Help your students build their resume and showcase their real-world project outcomes and professional references

Enterprise Software

Scale with a Customized System

Offer Unique Engagement Formats

Customize Your Project Topics & Templates

Build a Private Industry Network

Third Party Integrations

Charge Industry Partners

Explore Deep System Analytics

Export Outcomes Reports for Accreditation


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