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With our Apprenticeships management technology, incorporating hands-on, meaningful apprenticeship programs has never been easier!

What is an Apprenticeship Program?

An apprenticeship program is a structured training program that combines on-the-job training with classroom instruction. It is a form of vocational education that allows individuals to learn and develop skills in a specific trade or profession while earning a wage.

Apprenticeship programs are highly effective workforce development tools due to their emphasis on hands-on learning and skill development in specific trades. These programs provide valuable mentorship and guidance from experienced professionals, contributing to a deeper understanding of industry practices.


The ability to earn a wage while learning makes apprenticeships accessible and reduces financial barriers to education. Industry collaboration ensures that the curriculum remains relevant, and successful completion often leads to industry-recognized certifications. Moreover, apprenticeships serve as a strategic workforce pipeline, addressing skill shortages and fostering loyalty among employees who have benefited from the structured training.

Enhance Your Apprenticeship Program With Customizable Experiential Learning Modules


Design, manage, and work-integrated learning projects that require apprentices to work synchronously with key employer stakeholders through carefully defined projects. 


Browse our growing library of highly interactive simulations and customizable case-based learning experiences or build your own! Case-based learning is a great way to enhance curricular training in a way that prepares apprentices to solve real complex challenges like an industry leader.


Offer high-quality, scalable mentorship experiences within your network. Leverage our tool to better connect, facilitate, and measure outcomes of authentic mentorship connections based on customizable personal and professional development templates for your apprentices.

Benefits of CapSource's Technology for Apprenticeship Programs...

Program Administration

We provide tools for administrators to set up and manage apprenticeship programs. This includes defining program parameters, specifying training modules, and tracking progress.

Applicant Tracking

We offer features to streamline the application and selection process for apprenticeships. This involves creating application forms, managing applicant data, and facilitating communication between applicants and program administrators.

Resource Management

We help manage resources such as training materials, curriculum, and assessment tools. This ensures that apprentices have access to the necessary resources to successfully complete their programs.

Communication Tools

Effective communication is crucial in apprenticeship programs. Our platform provides tools to aid with communication between apprentices, mentors, and program administrators. This includes messaging systems, notifications, and forum-based progress updates.

Performance Tracking & Reporting

We offer evaluation and deliverable assessment tools to track the performance of apprentices. This includes monitoring project performance, progress in training modules, and other relevant metrics. Our reporting features help generate summaries or detailed reports for cohort or organization-wide evaluation.

Compliance & Documentation

Managing apprenticeships requires compliance with industry standards and regulations. Our platform assists in documenting and ensuring compliance with relevant guidelines, certifications, and legal requirements.

CapSource is your Apprenticeships Intermediary

1. Streamline Registration Process on



2. Design Your Entire Program with Our Technology



3. Process Applicants & Enroll Unlimited Apprentices



4. Organize and Manage Unlimited Project, Case, and Mentoring Programs



5. On-Board & Leverage Mentors and Project Managers from Employer Organizations



6. Streamline Project Development & Training Modules for Any Topic



7. Mix Modalities by Allowing Apprentices to Track Progress Digitally



8. Track and Report On Apprenticeship Progress

How to Build your Apprenticeship Program with CapSource...

Sign-up on the CapSource Platform

Sign-up to begin creating your personalized Apprenticeship experience. This experience will assist your company in finding innovative, new, and exciting solutions to current business problems.


Customize Your Apprenticeships Format

Choose the most suitable format for your program to ensure its effectiveness and impact, there is no program you can’t optimize using our technology. Regardless of your engagement format, you’ll have all your projects, resources, industry partners, industry mentors, academic collaborators, apprentices, deliverables, and evaluation data in one place.

Select Your Preferred Modality

Choose your program modality. Consider your program’s nature, schedule, and team dynamics when deciding, as it shapes your Apprenticeship experience and outcomes.


Add Resources for the Program

Once you’ve finished building the program it is time to upload resources to the website. This is when you will add things such as pitch materials, articles, and any other information apprentices need for the project.

Publish Project and Receive Apprentice Deliverables

Finalize the last details of your program. Once completed you can easily create your apprentice teams adding apprentices to custom teams as well as industry mentors if needed.

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