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Our technology empowers organizations and their leaders to attract, engage, assess, and retain top emerging talent using meaningful mentoring and project-based collaborations

What is Experiential Hiring?

Experiential Hiring is a way for employers to recruit, assess, and hire top talent using case-based and project-based assessments.

CapSource’s talent acquisition model empowers employers to recruit and engage potential candidates who can demonstrate their skills and capabilities before getting hired.


Through the various models offered by CapSource, employers can engage with potential candidates in a variety of ways, all on one easy-to-use platform!

Experiential Hiring Modules Available on CapSource



Design and manage unlimited live collaborations between your company and as many University students as you see fit for FREE.



Asynchronous open innovation challenges published for college and university students to work on

Case Competitions


Design and manage a large-scale project for many student teams to compete against each other to create the most innovative solution for your company.



Organize and manage a customized mentorship program to enhance coaching skills and create meaningful connections with the next generation of business leaders.



Onboard students for an individualized project-based learning experience while being able to track progress and give feedback in a low-stakes environment. 

Benefits of Partnering With CapSource


Allow CapSource's technology to assist in connecting your company with top university students who bring fresh ideas and perspectives to projects. This can lead to innovative solutions and new approaches to business challenges.


Save costs by engaging with top university students and benefit from the students' skills and creativity at a lower cost than hiring a full-time employee or a consulting firm.


CapSource's platform allows companies to easily find projects that fit their needs and then onboard and track those students as they participate in the project. This enables companies to better assess top talent as all information is on one easy to use platform.

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CapSource Starter


Use our platform to connect your company with top university students for innovative solutions to problems faced by the company.

Collaborate on LiveCases

Submit OpenCases

Sample Mentoring


$40 per Student per Year

Coordinate, scale, and grow your experiential hiring practices by leveraging our platform to attract top talent and then build, manage, and assess those collaborations.

Collaborate on LiveCases

Submit OpenCases

Mentoring Programs

Case Competition Management


Admin Dashboard

Branded Platform

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Customized Topics & Templates

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