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Case-Based Learning

Case-based learning activities on CapSource provide students with detailed case studies that focus on specific business challenges faced by organizations. These case studies provide a wealth of information on the company’s history, organizational structure, financial data, and other relevant details.


Once students have reviewed the case study, they are tasked with analyzing the information and developing their own solutions to the problem at hand. This often involves conducting research, developing strategies, and presenting recommendations based on their findings. Case-based learning is an effective way to help students develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills, as well as gain a better understanding of the complexities of the business world in a low-stress environment.

With these benefits in mind, CapSource has created a fully customizable case-based learning environment where users can select, customize, and review results. These up-to-date cases provide students with the best learning experience, and this experience can be easily integrated to your specific course syllabi.

Explore the Case Libraries Available

CapSource’s Case Library

Florida State’s Case Library

University of Arizona Case Library

Maximize the Impact of your Case-Based Learning Activities by...

Create Your Own Case or Choose a Case From One of Our Three Libraries

CapSource’s technology allows educators to create your own fully customizable case OR choose any case from one of our three libraries. 

Modify the Case to best fit your individual classroom needs

Using CapSources Technology you can now modify any case from one of our three case libraries. Here you can adjust any case information as well as add and remove any resources you feel the students should have access to.

Finalize Project Details and Assign Students to Teams

Once you have the project details finalized, you can begin onboarding students to the platform. Teams can be created in any format and students will have access to all information published with the case.

Recieve and Review Deliverables and Feedback

Track student progress throughout the project with the CONNECT platform to ensure all students are on track for project completion. Receive feedback from CapSource360 Evaluations to identify areas of the project students enjoyed and what areas they felt needed improvement.


As always, you can review and give feedback under the deliverables tab of your CapSource dashboard. This feedback will be seen by students and allow them to see where they preformed well and where they need to improve.

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