Spira creates functional ingredients using spirulina microalgae for food companies using genetic techniques and a farming network.

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OverviewWe have a food crisis. Demand for food will increase 70% by 2050. Current food production is dirty, slow and expensive. 18% of global greenhouse emissions come from farming animal ingredients and these ingredients take up 26% of the total surface of the planet. The majority of our ingredients come from animal farming which negatively impacts human health and the environment. This means that we need new plant-based ingredient sources to meet consumer demand. Spira creates food ingredients that serve as a replacement for animal and petroleum-derived compounds from spirulina microalgae. Our business model uses existing infrastructure to quickly scale to meet customer demand. We leverage existing spirulina farms in the developing world as contract manufacturers of our protein powders. They grow and process according to our specifications then ship us raw materials which we then upcycle into food ingredients that we sell to food product companies. This lowers total cost, improves speed-to-market and allows us to produce a large quantity of spirulina protein without needing to build our own infrastructure. In addition our farming network enables employment in developing countries, provides a local protein source in food deserts, and absorbs tons of CO2 from the atmosphere.
Growth StageEstablished Startup
Platform ExperienceIntermediate (Have managed 1 to 4 projects)
Remote CollaborationYes
Open toAdvanced Undergraduate / All Graduate
Sponsorship AvailableMaybe
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