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OverviewSynGlyphX software was founded in 2013 to help everyone discover insights in their data that change their world. Focusing, first, on understanding how people use their data, the SynGlyphX team worked to create data visualizations that enabled users to see all of their data holistically, in context, within a single visualization. Clients such as Duke Medical Center, The Central Intelligence Agency, and The University of Notre Dame began finding insights in their data that they had never seen before, and even began modifying their data analysis processes based on their new ability to see greater amounts of similar and dissimilar data simultaneously. Working with clients from multiple industries, SynGlyphX is becoming the de facto tool for data professionals and data novices alike. Our team is dedicated to creating an easy to use data tool that gives any level user the powers for insight discovery.
Growth StageEstablished Startup
Funding StatusUnlisted
Funding SizeUnlisted
# Employees5-10
Platform ExperienceIntermediate (Have managed 1 to 4 projects)
Remote CollaborationYes
Open toAll Undergraduate / All Graduate
Sponsorship AvailableNo
Hiring Potential
  • Formal Internship
  • Entry Level Full-Time

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