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Coordinate Educational Programs with Industry Partners

Save Money

Use fewer resources to coordinate collaborations with companies & their projects.

Scale Easily

Reach more students, companies, and internal stakeholders with seamless onboarding.

Ensure Quality

Leverage templates and scoping tools to ensure company goals align with learning objectives.

Measure Impact

Better measure impact of programs including both internal and external stakeholder groups.


Utilize the power of our platform tailored to your business goals with your look and feel.

Our customizable experiential learning management system allows you to:

On-board and gather requirements from educators and/or students

Solicit and on-board companies more clearly, quickly, and easily

Design engagements

Prepare parties for launch

Measure outcomes

Manage host company relationships

How It Works

1. Book a Demo

Discuss your objectives with a member of our team

2. Finalize Requirements

Customize the environment to your style of experiential learning

3. Onboard Educators

Encourage educators to create project requests in the system

4. Scale with Students

Market professional development opportunities to all students

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Schedule a demo with us or learn more about pricing through our live chat.

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