Professional Development Topics ➜ Industry Insights

Title & Content Type Due Date
Pre-meeting Assignment

Using the Industry Profiling Worksheet, complete Part 1: The Basics by conducting preliminary research and jotting down your notes on an industry of interest to you.

Identify 1-2 goals you aim to accomplish through this mentoring engagement.

Pre Meeting After -2 Days
Meeting One - Conversation Starters
  • What do you think are the biggest challenges facing this industry today?
  • What are your insights on globalization and the future of this industry?
  • Are there certain career paths in this industry you anticipate growing, opening up, or shrinking in the near future?
  • Who are the influencers – experts, industry leaders, and companies – that you follow? 
  • Which digital resources, such as online magazines, listservs, blogs, are on your reading list? How do you use these resources to keep up with developments in the industry?
Event After 0 Days

Revisit the Industry Profiling Worksheet to complete Part 2: Digging Deeper.

Submission Required After 11 Days
Meeting Two - Conversation Starters
  • What decision netted you the most success in your career?
  • What’s the most unexpected obstacle you’ve had to face?
  • What habits have you developed that help you be successful in this industry?
  • What advice would you give someone entering this industry in the next ____ years? What advice would you give for becoming a leader in this industry?
Event After 13 Days
Final Deliverable

Write a thank-you email letter to your mentor that details your thoughts on the following:

  • What you value/appreciate about and learned from the mentoring experience.
  • How what you have learned is useful for making decisions about your career path.
  • Your next steps (e.g. concrete action steps you plan to take to learn more about the industry or related careers, build needed skills, etc.).
Submission Required After 18 Days
Meeting Three - Conversation Starters
  • What feedback can you the Mentor offer on the Final Deliverable?
  • What questions do you the Mentee have for the Mentor?
  • What are the next steps in continuing to develop the knowledge, skills, strategies, etc. you’ve been working on?
Event After 20 Days
Post-Engagement Survey

Mentors and Mentees please use the following link to complete the Post-Engagement Survey

Evaluation After 21 Days