Professional Development Topics ➜ Maximizing the College Experience

Title & Content Type Due Date
Pre-meeting Assignment

Jot down your thoughts in response to the following questions:

  • What does it mean to “make the most of your college experience”? What would a student who is “making the most” of it actually do? 
  • Imagine you are an “outsider” to the college seeking to learn about the institution and opportunities for students to make the most of their college experience. What would you want to know? Where would you look to find out? Who or what would you consult?
  • What are 1-2 goals you have for this mentoring experience?
Pre Meeting After -2 Days
Meeting One - Conversation Starters
  • What does it mean to “make the most of your college experience”? What would a student do who is “making the most” of it?
  • How did you develop connections with your professors outside of the classroom?
  • What do you consider to be the most useful/valuable yet often overlooked or underutilized resource(s) for students at this school?
  • What types of student activities are available that can be helpful for developing your personal and professional interests and skills?
  • How do you learn about opportunities to get involved at this college? What channels do you use?
  • Are there interests you have and would like to pursue?
Event After 0 Days

Conduct a “scavenger hunt” using digital and other resources to gain a fuller understanding of the resources and networks that the college offers to support you and your success. Don’t forget to include extracurricular activities, student-organized groups, and events, and activities and resources associated with your academic program!

Create a table using Excel, MS Word, Google Docs, or Google Sheets in which you list these resources and networks and jot down notes about how they support students and their experience and success. List as many as you can!

Submission Required After 11 Days
Meeting Two- Conversation Starters
  • Given the range of options to get involved, what meets your interests and needs? How do you decide which ones to pursue?
  • How did/do your needs and interest evolve as a college student over the course of your academic career?
  • How did/do you juggle academics, extracurricular and sports, friends, family, and a job?
  • Did/do you take advantage of opportunities to get involved in the broader community, such as through volunteerism, participation in local events or organizations, or work? How does this enhance the college experience?
  • What are your suggestions for “making the most” of the college experience? What are your recommended next steps?
Event After 13 Days
Final Deliverable

Write a thank-you email letter to your mentor that details your thoughts on the following:

  • What you value/appreciate about and learned from the mentoring experience.
  • 2-3 ways you intend to increase engagement by building social connections and accessing resources to enhance your college experience. 
  • Your concrete next steps.
Submission Required After 18 Days
Meeting Three - Conversation Starters
  • What feedback can you the Mentor offer on the Final Deliverable?
  • What questions do you the Mentee have for the Mentor?
  • What are the next steps in continuing to develop the knowledge, skills, strategies, etc. you’ve been working on?
Event After 20 Days
Post-Engagement Survey

Mentors and Mentees please use the following link to complete the Post-Engagement Survey

Evaluation After 21 Days