Professional Development Topics ➜ Negotiating Salary & Benefits

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Pre-meeting Assignment

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Imagine you have received a job offer for the position of your dreams. What’s included in the job offer? What kind of salary, benefits, and perks are you looking for? Need versus want?

Identify 1-2 goals you aim to accomplish through this mentoring engagement.

Pre Meeting After -2 Days
Meeting One - Conversation Starters
  • How do you evaluate a job offer? How do you determine if it’s equitable and in line with what you bring to the table?  
  • What kind of information should be included in a job offer?
  • What questions are useful for gaining a complete understanding of the compensation structure, including factors like opportunities for professional development and growth?
  • In addition to salary, what factors are often negotiable?
  • What is the first step in accepting a job offer?
Event After 0 Days

Locate 1 or 2 job postings for a job role/position of interest to you that includes information on salary and benefits. Research the company to learn more about the benefits, perks for employees, company culture, etc.

  • What questions remain about the position and expectations for performing this role in the organization?
  • What questions do you have about the compensation structure, including opportunities for growth?
Submission Required After 11 Days
Meeting Two- Conversation Starters
  • Reflecting upon the job posting information you’ve gathered, how does this line up with your skills, interests, and needs?
  • What questions do you have about the compensation structure, including opportunities for growth?
  • What are some suggestions for becoming a more assertive negotiator?
  • Can we role-play asking for a higher salary or additional benefits?
Event After 13 Days
Final Deliverable

Write a thank-you email letter to your mentor that details your thoughts on the following:

  • What you value/appreciate about and learned from the mentoring experience.
  • Strategies or tactics you feel competent to use in order to self-advocate and negotiate in the hiring process.
Submission Required After 18 Days
Meeting Three - Conversation Starters
  • What feedback can you the Mentor offer on the Final Deliverable?
  • What questions do you the Mentee have for the Mentor?
  • What are the next steps in continuing to develop the knowledge, skills, strategies, etc. you’ve been working on?
Event After 20 Days
Post-Engagement Survey

Mentors and Mentees please use the following link to complete the Post-Engagement Survey

Evaluation After 21 Days