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With this dynamic admin experience, you gain real-time insights into every facet of your institution's experiential learning initiatives. Enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of your experiential learning programs.

Introducing The New Admin Experience

Centralized Data and Project Tracking

All of your data, network, and projects are conveniently consolidated into one place, ensuring easy access and organization.

Comprehensive Data Analysis

You can efficiently review all your data and analytics, enabling data-driven decision-making and insights to enhance your organization's performance.

Program Tracking and Management

Effortlessly track and manage both past and current programs, facilitating a holistic view of your educational initiatives and their progress.

Network Access and Management

Gain full control over your organization's network, allowing you to streamline connections and optimize your collaborative efforts.

Content Review and Management

Access and manage your organization's content, such as project formats, topics, templates, case library, mentor curriculum, and deliverables, for consistent and effective program delivery.

Branding and Design Customization

Enjoy the flexibility to review and manage your organization's branding and design, ensuring that your platform reflects your unique identity and values.

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