Empower Your Students with Capstone Projects

Leverage our technology to incorporate cutting-edge Capstone programs into your class curriculum.

What is a Capstone Program?

Capstone programs are an essential educational approach that empowers educators to foster holistic learning experiences for their students. These programs provide a culminating opportunity for students to integrate and apply their accumulated knowledge and skills in a real-world context, fostering critical thinking, problem-solving, creativity, and collaboration.


Capstone programs are a cornerstone of education that bridges the gap between theory and practice, fostering graduates who are not only knowledgeable but also capable and confident in their abilities.


Enhanced Learning Experience

- Practical Application
- Critical Thinking
- Interdisciplinary Learning

Motivation and Engagement

- Intrinsic Motivation
- Increased Engagement
- Higher Retention

Professional Success

- Workplace Readiness
- Networking Opportunities
- Resume Worthy Experience

Assessment and Evaluation

- Comprehensive Assessment
- Continuous Improvement
- Program Evaluation

Research and Innovation

- Faculty Research Opportunities
- Knowledge Advancement
- Institutional Reputation

Retention and Satisfaction

- Student Satisfaction
- Higher Retention Rates
- Leadership Skills

How you can leverage CapSource's Technology?

  • Managing Unlimited Projects:

    Design one or many projects with one or many industry partners

  • Enrolling Students:

    Manage as few or as many students and projects as you’d like

  • Any Duration:

    Design projects for a few days, a few weeks, or 1-2 semesters

  • Any Rigor:

    Projects can be for introductory, intermediate, or advanced-level learning

  • Any Modality:

    Our technology is fully adaptable to on-site or virtual collaborations

We help you find Industry Partners!

We understand the importance of providing your students with capstone projects that truly stand out, aligning seamlessly with their educational goals. That's why we offer a specialized matchmaking service designed to elevate your capstone projects.

How to Begin your Capstone Experience...

Sign-up on the CapSource Platform

Sign-up to begin creating your personalized Capstone experience. This experience will assist your company in finding innovative, new, and exciting solutions to current business problems.


Select Your Program Format

With three unique and fully customizable industry-integrated project-based learning formats, there is no program that you can’t optimize using our technology. Regardless of the engagement format you choose, you’ll have all your projects, resources, industry partners, industry mentors, academic collaborators, students, deliverables, and evaluation data in one place.

Add Resources for the Program

Once you’ve finished building the program it is time to upload resources to the website. This is when you will add things such as pitch materials, articles, and any other information students need for the project.

Select Your Preferred Modality

Choose your program modality. Consider your program’s nature, schedule, and team dynamics when deciding, as it shapes your Capstone experience and outcomes.


Publish the Case and Receieve Student Deliverables

Finalize the last details of your program. Once completed you can easily create your student teams adding students to custom teams as well as industry mentors if needed.

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