Single Project, Multi-Team

Designing and Managing High-Impact Projects Just Got a Whole Lot Easier...

Single Project, Multi-Team

This engagement format is designed to optimize the environment where every team of students is working on the same project for the same organization.

Often structured like a case competition or, hackathon this environment streamlines the process of designing high-impact experiences you can share with all your students simultaneously. This engagement format also helps to keep all students on the same timeline as well as set expectations for the same deliverables.

You can also use this tool to invite judges that can help evaluate and compare outcomes across each of your teams.  As with all our formats, you can include as many academic or industry mentors as required.

Single Project, Multi Team Program Options

Enroll Students in an Active Project

CapSource runs several Case Competitions throughout the year with some of our top industry partners. Utilizing the CapSource platform, educators can identify interesting Case Competitions and enroll and manage student teams.

Design and Run Your Own Custom Project

Educators can design custom Case Competitons on the platform for any number of students to participate in. This is especially useful for university wide competitions and allows for easy management across many classes and students.

Benefits of Projects


By working with real-world companies on real-world issues, students are able to connect textbook theories to solutions for these complex problems. This is often missing in many college classrooms and allows for a more robust learning experience for students.


Our system allows you to find or define a Case Competition challenge, onboard and manage students, share resources, receive updates, track progress, and evaluate outcomes in a fully customizable and branded way.


Employers often note the skill gap as the biggest challenge when hiring for entry level positions. By enrolling students in Case Competitions they are building soft and hard skills which translate to life after college giving them the best chance for success.

How to Start Your Single Project, Multi-Team Experience.

Find an Active Competition or Design your Own

Sign-up and find an active competition to enroll students or build your own by creating a fully customized case that is geared to provide your students with the best possible learning experience. Leverage our templates and project builder to ensure your innovation challenge is well-defined. Customize your timeline and share appropriate resources to ensure students can hit the ground running.

On-Board Participants and Build Teams

Once you found an active case that best fits your needs or you have finalized your own competition, you will be able to easily onboard students as well as mentors, and judges (if needed) to the platform. Participants can be grouped into any size team.

Once the teams are finalized, students can begin reviewing all the project information available.

Track and Manage Students

Track and manage student progress throughout the Case Competiton. This ensures students stay on track and complete high-quality work throughout the Competition.

Evaluate Preformance

Evaluate each team’s performance directly on the CapSource platform. Students will be able to receive feedback from not just educators but also industry partners and judges. Students often receive high-quality feedback from industry partners, and top performers will be ranked.

As a bonus, we help your students reflect on their experience, and we provide you with their feedback on the competition to allow educators to learn what went well and how to improve these experiences in the future.

Ready to get started?

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