CapSource’s Effectiveness Institute offers targeted training and development options tailored to the unique needs of each institution.

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Getting Started with CONNECT

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  • Logging in & getting started

  • Configuring profile

  • Setting preferences

  • Understand roles/user statuses and permissions

  • Introduction to 5 modules

  • Create and edit a program

Basics of Experiential Learning

Experiential learning emphasizes hands-on experiences and active engagement in the learning process. It provides students with opportunities to apply theoretical knowledge in real-world contexts.


By integrating practical experiences, such as internships, fieldwork, and research projects, into the curriculum, experiential learning cultivates critical thinking, and problem-solving skills, and enhances students’ understanding of complex concepts. This approach fosters a deeper connection between theory and practice, empowers students to become active learners, and prepares them for the challenges of the professional world.

Growing Your Experiential Institution

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  • Share collaboration opportunities with qualified industry leads,

  • Quickly and easily onboard interested industry partners,

  • Help partners design well-defined projects using templates,

  • Collect and organize helpful project resources,

  • Finalize timelines including events, deliverables, and evaluations,

  • Leverage evaluations to track progress and learning outcomes,

  • Help students build their portfolios and showcase experiences!

Industry Integrated Project-Based Learning

  • Create an Request For Proposal

  • Connect with Industry Partners

  • Design a Project Charter (Developing a timeline & Creating milestones and deliverables)

  • Identifying and adding powerful resources

  • Adding participants

  • Integrating  assessment

Leveraging OpenCases

  • Browsing and selecting OpenCases

  • Editing and finalizing OpenCase Content

  • Create and edit OpenCase Program

  • Monitoring and Tracking Student OpenCase Experience

  • Measuring OpenCase Outcomes

Building High-Impact Mentoring Programs

  • Tactics for Growing Mentor Network

  • Reviewing and Selecting Professional Development Topics

  • Identifying Right-Size Mentors

  • Excelling within the Mentorship Experience

  • Measuring Mentorship Program Outcomes

Managing Learners, Maximizing Outcomes

  • Conducting Check-Ins

  • Setting the Bar

  • Managing Student Team Dynamics

  • Encouraging Refinement of Ideas and Deliverables

  • Conducting Meetings and Presentations Professionally

Exporting and Analyzing System Data

  • Where do you find program-level, department-level, and system-level data?

  • What metrics are the most important to track

  • What you can do to improve metrics and system outcomes

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