The University of Arizona’s Center for Leadership Ethics Partners with CapSource to Distribute a Library of Highly Relevant & Engaging Leadership Ethics Cases

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Written by Jordan Levy

The Center for Leadership Ethics at the University of Arizona brings scholars with diverse backgrounds together to explore, challenge, and advance the field of ethical leadership. Through cutting-edge research, education, and outreach, their goal is to promote the development of ethical leaders who foster ethical cultures in organizations worldwide.


Part of The Center’s mission is to build educational materials that are geared to empower educators to teach our next generation of leaders to consider the complex ethical implications of their decisions. Studying business ethics helps students develop critical thinking skills and ethical decision-making capabilities. They learn to identify ethical dilemmas, evaluate different perspectives, and make informed decisions that align with ethical principles. Moreover, by studying business ethics, students learn how to navigate complex ethical issues that may arise in the workplace and maintain a positive reputation for their organization.


Since CapSource recently launched its highly engaging Case Learning Management Tool, The Center for Leadership Ethics has partnered with CapSource to provide students around the globe with access to the world’s most compelling library of real-world ethics leadership cases.


Our partnership is designed to provide educators with access to even more content that helps to most effectively prepare students for jobs of the future and our increasingly more interconnected and complex global socio-economic landscape.


CapSource’s industry-focused experiential learning platform bridges academic and industry settings by strategically bringing learners, educators, and industry partners together to collaborate on highly relevant real-world challenges.


Our inaugural library of 7 curated Leadership Ethics Cases, written by The Center’s Founder, Dr. Paul Melendez, is designed to help students and educators build a discussion around the ethical dilemmas leaders face in the modern age. For example, in our customizable case library, students have the opportunity to evaluate the leadership dynamics of Theranos, the pros and cons of deep-sea mining, and the legal aspects of cryptocurrency regulations.


We encourage all educators across all domains and disciplines to find time to teach students about the complexity and implications of ethical decisions. By using the Leadership Ethics Cases in classrooms, students are challenged to develop their moral reasoning skills, evaluate ethical dilemmas, gain awareness of corporate social responsibility, explore how students respond around the world and build a valuable industry network.


We hope you stay tuned for updates and explore our library of cases. We plan to add more cases all throughout the year!


How educators can get started today!


Are you interested in inspiring your students by using our Customizable Case Library and Learning Management Tool? From now until August 1st, we’re offering the use of all cases for FREE to all educators and students so you can explore the power of our new case-based learning technology for yourself.

Faculty can browse the library, select and customize cases, and onboard students to work independently or in teams depending on the course and context!

Getting started and browsing OpenCases is always easy and free for educators.

After August 1st, The Center for Leadership Ethics OpenCase Library will be available for purchase through CapSource’s system.

If you have questions, want to explore publishing your library of cases on our platform, or need help integrating OpenCases into your existing course, schedule a time to discuss!


About Paul Melendez


Dr. Paul Melendez, University Distinguished Outreach Professor and Founder, Center for Leadership Ethics. Dr. Melendez has been with Eller College of Management since 1996. He founded the Center for Leadership Ethics and led efforts to improve organizational ethics through cutting-edge research, education, and outreach programs.

Interested in diving deeper? Explore Paul’s book, “Moral Problems in Management An Objective Model of Analysis




About Center for Leadership Ethics


The Center for Leadership Ethics at the University of Arizona brings scholars with diverse backgrounds together to explore, challenge, and advance the field of ethical leadership. The purpose is to promote the development of the future leaders, who foster ethical cultures in organizations worldwide.

The Center is committed to fostering research that advances people’s understanding of ethical issues at multiple levels within or between organizations. The core function of the Center is to develop and disseminate practical and important ethics research through the application of social scientific research methods, emphasizing quantitative data analysis and experimental design. The institution’s goal is to establish U of A’s Eller College as a leader in ethics research among its peer institutions and within the community, primarily through publication in top-tier journal outlets.

The Center for Leadership Ethics is aimed at improving ethical understanding and behavior through traditional courses, such as Business Law, Governance and Corporate Ethics, Leadership and Social Responsibility, Legal and Ethical Values in Business, and Ethics, Business law and Regulations, to name but a few.


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