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Common Questions

Can I sign up a team even if my school is not registered to compete? 

Yes! As part of the CapSource Experiential Promise, you will be able to participate in the case competition as a Student Ambassador. As an Ambassador, you will simply recruit more students from your school and share about your experience with your network. ** Please still complete the registration form and check that your school is not listed in the dropdown of registered schools. You will receive an email with next steps for the Ambassador Program.

How many people can be on a team? 

Each team can have 3 – 4 students!

Can students from different schools compete? 

Yes, students from different universities can be on the same team! **Please be sure to make the team name the same.**

Can undergraduate and graduate students participate? 

Yes, both undergraduate or graduate students are eligible to participate.  Undergraduate and graduate students cannot be on the same team. Students do not need to be the same major.

Do I need to pay to participate? 

Nope! Your university has it covered! Just focus on putting your best ideas forward and develop high-quality deliverables.

Information about the timeline, project goals, and final deliverable expectations for the competition will be released on Wednesday, October 21st!

Competition Timeline

Webinar Kickoff with Host Company

NOVEMBER 2nd, 2020

Student teams and faculty members from around the world will join us by webinar to hear more about the host company and case challenge directly from key company leaders.

Interactive Q&A Webinar Session

NOVEMBER 13th, 2020

All participating students and faculty will be invited back for a webinar to hear an update from company leadership (including time for Q&A).

Final Deliverables Submitted (Judged by School)


Final Deliverables Submitted (we recommend 3-minute recorded video and 2-10 page executive memo + appendix).

Awards Ceremony

DECEMEBER 6th, 2020

CapSource and the Host Company will wrap up the competition by recognizing the Top-4 deliverables submitted from teams all around the world!


First Place Winners (1 undergraduate team & 1 graduate team): $400 per 4-person team – $100 per student

Second Place Winners (1 undergraduate team & 1 graduate team): $200 per 4-person team – $50 per student

Munevo’s founder, Claudiu Leverenz, stated, “The final results of the case have been exactly what we were looking for and will help us greatly in achieving our next steps of our market entry in the US. The students have raised the bar tremendously for future cases and projects.”

2019 OpenCase Competition Winners