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What is an Open Innovation Challenge?

Open Innovation challenges or case-based learning activities on CapSource are detailed case studies that focus on specific business challenges organizations face. These case studies provide a wealth of information on the company’s history, organizational structure, financial data, and other relevant details.


The goal is to engage students in tackling these challenges, enabling them to gain firsthand experience within their chosen industry. This initiative aims to enhance their professional readiness for the evolving demands of the future.

Why should your organization get involved?

Position your organization at the forefront of educational engagement and foster stronger connections with the emerging workforce by embracing open innovation case challenges for university students. This strategic initiative offers a multitude of advantages.


By involving your organization in the creation of open innovation case challenges for university students, you seize the opportunity to not only shape the educational experience but also cultivate a dynamic pool of future professionals who are aligned with your vision and eager to contribute to your success.


This investment today promises substantial returns tomorrow, as your brand gains prominence, innovation thrives, and a talented workforce with a genuine connection to your organization takes center stage.



By actively participating in educational endeavors, your organization stands out as a forward-thinking industry leader. This involvement serves as a litmus test for gauging potential employees' perception of your brand. It offers insights into their awareness of your brand, comprehension of its essence, and alignment with your core values and trajectory.


Through collaborative engagement with students, your brand gains an opportunity to foster a sense of affinity among the workforce of tomorrow. This engagement demonstrates your commitment to nurturing the next generation of professionals and provides a unique platform for showcasing your company's culture, values, and industry influence.


As students interact with your real-world challenges, your company's presence and objectives gain widespread visibility within academic circles. This increased awareness ensures that your brand resonates deeply with a diverse pool of future professionals.


By offering students the chance to grapple with your industry-specific challenges, your organization not only enriches their academic experience but also positions itself as an enticing prospect for their future careers. This active engagement creates a pipeline of potential candidates who are enthusiastic about collaborating with your organization.


The infusion of fresh perspectives from university students can spark innovative solutions to your organization's challenges. Collaborating with these young minds encourages dynamic thinking and propels your organization forward in a rapidly evolving business landscape.


Initiating open innovation case challenges establishes a foundation for enduring relationships with academic institutions. This collaboration can extend beyond the challenges, resulting in research partnerships, internships, and mutually beneficial projects that fuel continuous growth.

Why CapSource makes this easy?


Our platform empowers you to create engaging projects effortlessly. Our team of expert project designers is readily available to assist you in crafting challenges that align with your organization's goals and resonate with students' academic pursuits. This collaborative approach ensures that your projects are captivating and impactful.


With CapSource's technology, tracking and reviewing the progress of your open innovation challenges is a breeze. Access real-time insights and updates on student engagement, solutions, and project milestones. This transparency provides you with a comprehensive view of the impact your challenges are making.


We understand the value of your time and resources. That's why CapSource's technology offers a unique advantage—your investment in crafting these challenges is a one-time effort that continues to yield benefits over time. As students engage with your challenges, your brand gains visibility, and you cultivate a talented pool of potential future employees who align with your company's vision.


CapSource's platform seamlessly integrates with your existing workflows. Our user-friendly interface ensures a smooth experience for both your team and the participating students. You can focus on driving innovation while we handle the technical aspects.

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How to Begin your OpenCase Experience...

Sign-up on the CapSource Platform

Sign-up to begin creating your personalized OpenCase experience. This experience will assist your company in finding innovative, new, and exciting solutions to current business problems.


Build Your Individualized Case

The CapSource Project Builder will assist companies in defining the challenge, scope, goals, and timeline of the project. Here you will be able to customize the project as well as set a timeline for students.

Add Resources for the Project

Once you’ve finished building the OpenCase it is time to upload resources to the website. This is when you will add things such as pitch materials, articles, and any other information students need for the project.

Publish the Case and Receieve Student Deliverables

Once published, this OpenCase will be available for any of our thousands of university professors active on the platform. When a professor selects your OpenCase, you will be notified and receive all final deliverables when completed. You will be able to review these deliverables as well as provide feedback to the participants.

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