Virtual Internship Programs

Find Diverse, Top Talent

Ensure your interns have the skills to solve any business challenge!

Save Time Screening Candidates

Gain carefully vetted students that perfectly match your specifications!

Plug- and-play Formats

Select from flexible preset packages that leave room for customization!

How It Works

1. Submit Interest Form

This gathers the basic aspects of the internship, such as format, duration, and number of interns needed!

2. Meet Instructional Designers

Our team translates your specifications and desired outcomes into definitive project milestones.

3. Approve Intern Applicants

Using your internship requirements, we vet the applicants to ensure they are the perfect fit.

4. Launch Summer 2021

With project scope ready-to-go and interns finalized, your virtual internship is ready-to-go.

Flexible Formats


Engage a team of up to 6 student interns through a custom designed project



Engage up to 20 teams of student interns with one custom designed project


A CapSource program manager will help you fully customize:

Project Topics & Timeline

C andidate Requirements

Final Deliverables

Group Size

Project Management


Deliverables & Dates

March 15th, 2021

Share Internship Requirements

April 1st, 2021

Finalize Internship Scope

May 15 - June 15

Launch Internship Program

Our methods are rooted in "Experiential Hiring"

Experiential Hiring helps employers better attract, train, select, and retain top talent. From the employer’s perspective, Experiential Hiring is a unique and engaging way to recruit and assess talent before making more expensive, full-time commitments. It can be done completely virtually, and is in line with the way younger generations approach the workforce.

CapSource's unique interview process requires the completion of a case assessment, which gives a wholistic evaluation of the student's strengths and skills.

Students can help solve business challenges related to:

Growth Strategy



Product Design & Development

Reporting, Financial Planning & Analysis

Research & Development

Sales & Business Development

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