Live Case Competitions

Learn more about our project-based hiring model that allows companies to attract, engage, qualify, and train collegiate talent at over 150 global educational institutions!

Pose a business challenge to teams of students and their faculty from all around the world!


1 - 13 weeks (Recommended 5 weeks)


Remote or Local


7 - 200 Students


Easy to Intermediate

Engagement Styles

Competitions (one scope) or Collaborations (multi-scope)

Expected Outcomes

Meaningful, Reference-Worthy Experience

CapSource invented Live Case Competitions as a fun and educational way for next-gen talent to learn more about your products, organization, and industry! These are similar to traditional case studies but are “Live,” synchronous project-based collaboration where industry partners pose strategic business challenges to the higher-ed ecosystem . Students work in teams as they produce meaningful deliverables based on the carefully defined scope. The CapSource Experiential Hiring System will then help you learn more about the talent that’s participating, review their deliverables, and select top-performers for follow-on internships and full-time positions! This is a great, cost-effective way for organizations just like yours to assess and train entry-level talent as they work to propose real, viable solutions that you can implement.

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