Professional Mentorship Program

A formal mentoring framework that pairs mentors from a range of industries and professions with student mentees and provides a structure for engaging in one-on-one mentoring to develop students’ talent, networks, and readiness to meet their academic and professional goals.


Build skills that are useful in academic and professional life, increase their professional network and self-confidence, discover the power of creating deliverables to demonstrate progress and iterate on deliverables to showcase growth, and learn to effectively express expectations, goals, and concerns.


Renew enthusiasm for their profession, demonstrate expertise and share knowledge, raise awareness of generational differences in the workplace, enhance skills in coaching, counseling, listening and modeling, and create meaningful connections with alma mater and next-Gen students.

Colleges & Universities

Increase alumni involvement and connection, improve student retention and graduation rate, raise levels of academic achievement, guide career exploration, and develop partnerships with industry professionals.

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What makes CapSource’s mentoring program unique?

Mentoring engagements are topical and guided by modules based on aligned professional development interests.

Principles of the Kolb model for experiential learning are incorporated into the product.

Mentoring is fully managed through the CapSource Experiential Learning Management System.

Evaluating mentor program effectiveness is easy through participant satisfaction surveys and deliverable archive.

How does it work?

Getting started is easy once the institution has adopted the CapSource Experiential Mentor Program on the CapSource CONNECT system! Invite prospective mentors and mentees to visit the college’s website where they can:

1. Register for the Program

2. Complete your Personal Profile

Mentors and mentees build their profiles with details about education and professional backgrounds as well as other basic info that improves matching quality.

3. Indicate Mentorship Preferences

Once registered, mentors and students are matched based upon their interests, preferences, and availability.

4. Get Matched!

Mentors are notified when a match is made and given the option to accept or decline. Once accepted, the student is prompted to connect with their mentor to establish an agreed upon method of communicating (email, phone, Skype, Google Meets, etc.) then is prompted to schedule the kickoff meeting.

Matched participants are provided a topic-focused mentoring module to guide the engagement, which includes a sequence of two meetings including activities, conversation starters, and deliverables that facilitate mentor-mentee interactions and foster a mentoring relationship.

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