Analyzing Sales Channels to Grow Fast Casual Cuban Concept

Case Synopsis

Colada Shop is looking to put best practices in place for online ordering, delivery and customer loyalty.  In the rapidly growing fast-casual food industry, creating additional channels to sell products and creating customer loyalty is critical to the growth and health of a business.  Your recommendations should take into account the demographics of the two markets that the Colada Shop currently resides in. Colada Shop expects that you’ll be able to gather data efficiently and convert that data into valuable insights for their executive team.

Relevant Topics

Account Management

Process Overview / Mapping
Software Suite Recommendations
Process Optimization

Corporate Social Responsibility

Strategy Development
Requirements Planning
Evaluation and Recommendations

Growth Strategy

Business Opportunity Research
Prospecting New Relationships
Designing & Scaling Processes


Branding Strategy/Redesign
Social Media Optimization
User/Customer Acquisition Strategy Development & Testing


Process Design Review
Scalability Assessment
Inter-Departmental Efficiency Assessment

Purchasing, Logistics, Supply Chain

Sourcing & Distribution Analysis
Inventory Management
Distribution Optimization

Reporting, Financial Planning & Analysis

Growth Analysis
Valuations Assessment
Financial Performance Analysis​

Research & Development

Competition Due Diligence
Industry Size Assessment
Partnership & Channel Mapping

Sales & Business Development

New Business Opportunity Assessment
Market Testing
Customer Discovery/Interviewing

Learning Objectives

  • devise a digital commerce strategy in one of the most unique, nuanced industries: the restaurant industry!
  • leverage available data to inform a customized go-to-market strategy, inclusive of sales, marketing, partnerships, and customer satisfaction.

Company Overview

NameColada Shop
TaglineCuban-inspired social spot serving coffee,food,cocktails and conversation.
# Employees25-50
Hiring Potential
  • Follow-on Projects
  • Formal Internship
  • Entry Level Full-Time
Growth StageHigh-Growth Startup
Funding StatusSeed Stage
Funding Size3,000,000 - 10,000,000
DescriptionCelebrate Cuban history, flavors, and culture and create commuinty of enjoyment by providing quality products, excellent service, and unparalleled hospitality to patrons.

Project Resources

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