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Project Synopsis

DownToDash needs help analyzing their product, user acquisition, sales and marketing strategy. Through a careful analysis of their current strategy, they are hoping you can make recommendations on how to increase their user base in a more efficient manner. DownToDash is looking for a comprehensive plan that addresses (1) how to improve our product and marketing strategy and (2) what outcomes to expect if successful.

Project Topics

Account Management

Customer Service


PR & Communications

Company Information

HQNew York
StageEstablished Startup
Hiring PotentialFollow-on Projects, Formal Internship, Entry Level Full-Time

Company Overview

DownToDash is a millennial-focused app that connects people in the same location based on what they are down to do, whether it’s workouts, sports, movies, or other activities. Users can post specific plans, for example, play Tennis on Thursday at 5 pm at McCarren Park, and other users can join.

Experiential Learning Program Details

Engagement FormatCapstone - Small Team Consulting Project - Students work in consulting teams of 3-5 directly with faculty and client liaisons on developing real solutions to real-world challenges.
Students EnrolledN/A
Meeting Day & TimeN/A
Student Time Commitment8-15 Hours Per Week
Company Time Commitment5+ Hours
Duration4.29 Weeks

Program Timeline

Touchpoints & Assignments Due Date Type

Key Project Milestones

  • October 29, 2018 - Analysis of Product and Business Model

    • The first step is to dive deep on DownToDash and learn more about the company’s product and business model
    • This should include discussions with your Project Supervisor and Project Champion
    • Please review this Project Charter and discuss any questions you may have
    • Also, please discuss your professional background, goals, and story
    • Download the app and review the website (attend a DownToDash event if you can)

    Suggested Deliverable:

    Suggested Deliverable: Write a formal overview of what you understand about the app, what do you like about the app, what’s confusing, what could be made more clear?

  • November 9, 2018 - User Interviews & User Experience Analysis

    • Administer 5-10 user interviews. Learn more about what people like about the DownToDash app and experience
    • What brought people to DownToDash? How did they find the app?
    • What can be done to improve the overall user experience?

    Suggested Deliverable:

    Please codify the responses and provide an overview of your findings. What have you learned about the user experience that is great? What can be improved? What were the consistent themes? 

  • November 23, 2018 - Content Marketing Strategy & Sample Content Development

    • DownToDash does use a content marketing strategy for their business, but not frequent enough. Please make a clear case on how they can improve
    • What type of content should be covered in their blog or original content? How often should they post articles?
    • Can you write 2-4 sample articles that DownToDash can use to begin their content marketing strategy?

    Suggested Deliverable:

    You should submit the completed articles in addition to the go-forward content marketing plan.

  • December 14, 2018 - Final Presentation & Paper

    DownToDash is looking for a comprehensive overview of the work that was done. Please prepare a short presentation and paper that provides an overview of the process that was used and the results that were ultimately generated.

    Suggested Deliverable:


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