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Our platform FreezeCrowd is perhaps the largest college social media platform right now in the world, with members at over 1,000 colleges and universities worldwide as we go towards our 9th year up and running. We’ve grown mostly through campus ambassadors and advertising, yet some schools we’re not able to find qualified ambassadors for the job, or they simply don’t apply for the job on all campuses. We find it challenging to scale at all the university campuses, and as a startup advertising is not always the most effective way to grow our platform, yet rather growth comes through ambassadors or word of mouth through campus representatives. However, we’re challenged when we’re not able to find representatives on all campuses. What can we do to grow FreezeCrowd members on your college campus? How can we facilitate growth of this unique social media yearbook platform that has a highest value of trust, and has not sold or distributed your information online. We believe we do what’s right for our members, yet not everyone has heard of us, or maybe they have heard of FreezeCrowd, yet aren’t on our platform yet.

Our goal is to grow to 1,000 to 2,000 members on a medium to large sized college campus possibly without having to hire a campus ambassador or representative. Explore other methods of getting students to join FreezeCrowd and gain brand awareness, and loyalty over time.

Another challenge we have is marketing to student athletes at your college or university. Even though this platform is perfect for teams, clubs, and group photos, we’ve been challenged to get an entire college sports team with 100% participation. We’ve been close, one team had 98% of the team join.

How would we get the college sports teams on FreezeCrowd?

How would we get the Greek life clubs and teams to join FreezeCrowd?

Our goal is to reach 1 million members, and this can start with you joining today and spreading the word about breaking the ice on the coolest college social media platform.

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CompanyFreezeCrowd, Inc.
HQNew York
StageEstablished Startup
Hiring PotentialFollow-on Projects

Company Overview

FreezeCrowd is a unique social media platform and network for college students and alumni that connects you in photos with friends! It's cool or unique because everyone has an ice cube over their profile picture, and you "break the ice" when visiting a friends profile. By breaking the ice, you can ask a question, send off a message in the future, play an educational game, among other interesting applications that can be built over the break the ice feature. When you upload a profile picture on FreezeCrowd, it's not just a picture, yet a picture with an ice cube around it, and you can set a timer on the ice cube to melt or freeze over to show that your profile picture is dated, and be notified to upload your most recent picture. This keeps you updated with your profile picture, so that you don't have the same one that is outdated. FreezeCrowd is similar to a school yearbook in some ways, yet online and private to outside searches. Every photo you upload is unique like a snowflake, and categorized. In every photo there is a snowflake, which allows you to click to FreezeTag a friend in the photo as whatever they are (e.g. Biology Major, Business Major, Journalism Major, Golfer, Football Player, etc.), and all photos can be a club photo, team photo, company photo, or friends photo and more. When you FreezeTag a friend you can send off a bubble message to a friend, and connect from within the photo in a group text conversation. Status updates are called a "Thought to Freeze" and you can freeze (or preserve, and schedule an update) a thought, and melt a thought.

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