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Pre-seed funding product strategy analysis

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Project Synopsis

Komeeda is pre-seed, looking to raise funds in Summer 2017. This project is designed to help the company prepare for that effort. The various components of the project include:

  • An internal analysis on the firm’s Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and early adopters,
  • Research on current and historical competitive environment,
  • A two-sided analysis of product priorities, which is used to
  • Develop a product/feature road-map


The founders believe that they have validated a product-market fit with their MVP, but they want external verification with a critical eye (Part 1 of the project). Next, they need to prioritize a list of feature requests in a product roadmap, with a minor focus on preliminary growth-hacking.


You should expect that your work will be used to help the Komeeda founders develop their pitch deck and overall strategy when they seek funding. Komeeda wants to be able to explain to investors why similar startups are succeeding or failing and what lessons are to be learned about the market as a result (Part 2 of the project).


Komeeda is also relying on you as MBA consultants to interview and survey current and prospective users in both sides of its business – restaurants and diners. Ultimately, the hope is to use this information to drive the prioritization of features through a timeline and road-map (Part 3 of the project).


On the diner side of things, the target market is heavily comprised of millennials. Komeeda’s leadership is confident that you, as young MBA consultants (and hopefully millennials!), will be well positioned to help the leadership craft its overall strategy. They hope to see you accomplish this when you compile the results of your various activities and deliver them through a written and verbal report (Part 4 of the project)

Project Topics

Growth Strategy

Product Design & Development

Company Information

HQNew York
StageHigh-Growth Startup
Hiring PotentialFollow-on Projects, Formal Internship, Entry Level Full-Time, Upper Level Full-Time

Company Overview

Komeeda is a social enterprise creating opportunities for people through the culinary arts. Restaurants, chefs, and community organizers utilize our platform to connect with people using food as a vehicle to share their story. These users create, manage, and promote their events on the Komeeda marketplace in order to boost brand awareness, increase revenues, and build communities with aligned missions.

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