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Sales and Marketing Channel Assessment

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Project Synopsis

Catalytics is looking for an overview and analysis of their Sales and Marketing Channels. Catalytics would like assistance with conducting deep-dive analysis into its current product and business model, understand product use cases in detail and ultimately provide recommendations and a comprehensive analysis of how to optimize Sales & Marketing Channels.

Project Topics


Sales & Business Development

Company Information

StageSmall Business
Hiring PotentialFollow-on Projects, Formal Internship, Entry Level Full-Time

Company Overview

Catalytic gives people the freedom to do more meaningful work by improving the efficiency, speed, and quality of recurring business processes. Our people-friendly automation platform augments your team with a smart workflow engine that orchestrates work, automates tasks with bots and AI, and connects business systems. Results are often dramatic and can be achieved in a few weeks.

Experiential Learning Program Details

SchoolUniversity of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Engagement FormatCapstone - Small Team Consulting Project - Students work in consulting teams of 3-5 directly with faculty and client liaisons on developing real solutions to real-world challenges.
Students EnrolledN/A
Meeting Day & TimeN/A
Student Time Commitment4-7 Hours Per Week
Company Time Commitment2 Hours

Program Timeline

Touchpoints & Assignments Due Date Type

Key Project Milestones

  • January 21, 2019 - Expedited Training & On-Boarding

    Catalytic provides basic training to all new employees leveraging their own product and some of the tools that they’ve built. They’d like to provide students with access to this material to help them get up-to-speed.

    Suggested Deliverable:

    Review materials provided by Catalytic.

  • January 31, 2019 - Deep Dive on Product, Business Model, and Industry

    • Who are the existing customers?
    • What different products does?
    • Who are the key competitors?
    • What makes Catalytic unique, and more effective/relevant?

    Suggested Deliverable:

    Produce an overview deck to present to the company to ensure you fully understand the model before moving on to more complicated parts of the project.

  • February 21, 2019 - Deep Analysis of Product Use Cases

    • Analyze key company accounts to better understand archetypes of product use cases
    • How has Catalytic packaged and productized these use cases
    • How many customer accounts are currently using the various use cases

    Suggested Deliverable:

    Provide analysis and overview of findings.

  • March 22, 2019 - Select Target Use Case for Further Analysis

    • Why does this use case pose a great opportunity for the business?
    • How well have they been able to package and productize this use case?
    • What improvements in their sales and marketing material can be made to expedite the sales cycle for this specific implementation?

    Suggested Deliverable:

    Provide analysis and overview of findings.

  • April 1, 2019 - Analysis and Recommendations for Sales and Marketing Channels

    • What sales and marketing channels is Catalytic using for this product?
    • How effective have these channels been at converting customers
    • What suggestions do you have to improve performance in sales and marketing? Are there new potential channels for the company to leverage?
    • What is the potential impact if they choose your suggested channels?
    • How would you launch these new marketing and sales initiatives?
    • What are the cost implications of using this new sales/marketing channel?

    Suggested Deliverable:

    Develop a comprehensive proposal on a new sales and marketing strategy that can help take this product to the next level. The more detail, the better! This should highlight not only the channel you selected as an ideal way for the business to increase sales, but also the cost, expected outcomes, and plan to get started.

  • April 29, 2019 - Final Presentation & Paper

    Consolidate deliverables and create a comprehensive report with recommendations for Catalytics.

    Suggested Deliverable:

    Catalytic is looking for a comprehensive overview of the work that was done. Prepare a presentation and paper that provides an overview of the process that was used and the results that were ultimately generated.

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