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The New Standard of Care in Comprehensive Case Management

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Using data to inform better clinical outcome and having the respectable research behind the data to create better clinical standards.
Better data = better clinical decisions.

Clinical decisions are made based on information attained, this information gathered is either subjective or objective.

Subjective data is based on the clinical training and opinion of the individual gathering the data. Objective data is dealing with facts without distortion of personal feelings.

In the study shown, drug testing was used as a punitive way to manage clients in drug court. After only 8% of those tested had illegal drugs in their system the conversation changed from pass/fail, why are these medication present. Why are mental health medications so inconsistent.

We have found that Clinical Case management that uses Objective data can determine an outcome. Whether good or bad tracking the clinical outcome of a patient does not exist in the treatment world today. Clients continue to progress, or relapse based on the subjective assessment of the program that participate in.

Appropriate toxicology can establish data that give clinician’s or providers that ability to monitor.

125+ Medications and Metabolites of medications

Is the sample real, or is it a fake sample to pass a test.

Were prescribed medications present? Why or why not.

Where medications present that were not prescribed present? Why

Do levels increase or decrease

Are medications being taken as prescribed.
Being able to pull all of the data together to create a new standard of care in the addiction and criminal justice space.

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Thurman Brown Consultant has always been ahead of the curve and now serve as a Hub for all Things Addiction. Our App, "E pluribus Unum" is now in your apple store, and will provide access to behavioral health communities across the Nation and we hope Gobally. We are going to drive the new gold standard in toxicology analytics by using objective data to inform precision interventions, in our continuing education workshops; we are going to sprearhead the coversation around 12 to 24 hour COVID testing protocols that are an alternative to resignations and terminations of essential workers who have legitimate fears about the vaccine. WE believe in science, and the detection of SARS-COV-2 with a turn around time of 12 to 24 hours is far superior than a four day turn around. The alternative to shut-downs and discontinuation of face to face services is precision 12 to 24 hour testing.

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