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Understanding The Buyer Journey for Voice Over Talent

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Project Synopsis

As continues to grow and change the way clients access and connect with voice-over actors across the globe, you need to gain deeper insight into their existing and prospective clients, including an analysis of their spending habits, motivators, influencers in the decision-making process and more. The goal is to inform the management about how they might be able to better acquire and customers. To help, it’s imperative that the students understand both current customers and prospective buyers in the US. Notre Dame students will engage in primary audience research to provide an in-depth look into the barriers and opportunities that exist along the voice-over purchase journey. The research will also uncover current audience perceptions of and its competitive set, as well as test brand messaging across key audience segments.  Students who enroll in this course will:
  • Attain hands-on qualitative interview experience with industry prospects 
  • Create quantitative surveys based on primary market research 
  • Analyze the data they collect to formulate a calculated report that addresses the audience, spending habits, key drivers, barriers and opportunities that exist along the voice-over purchase journey 
Prerequisites: This project is suitable for all MBA students, but especially applicable to students interested in the gig economy and online marketplaces (market-makers). This would also be best suited for students who are interested in marketing, qualitative interviewing, data gathering, and data analysis/visualization.  PLEASE NOTE: Participants will be required to sign a non-disclosure project agreement regarding the handling of confidential information and intellectual property. Logistics: This “Interterm” Immersion will be based in Chicago, Illionois. Students will need to secure transportation and lodging on their own. Additional details on travel can be found under “Travel Reimbursement Details” at the front of this document.

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SchoolUniversity of Notre Dame Mendoza College of Business
Engagement FormatCapstone - Small Team Consulting Project - Students work in consulting teams of 3-5 directly with faculty and client liaisons on developing real solutions to real-world challenges.
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Meeting Day & TimeN/A
Student Time Commitment1-3 Hours Per Week
Company Time Commitment3-5 Hours
Duration0.43 Weeks

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