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Fall 2021 – UnderCover Rubber VIP

Collaboration Overview

Many sexually active college students do not use condoms because they do not have one with them because they are embarrassed to be seen carrying condoms. Other than abstinence, condoms are the Only contraceptive that helps prevent Both pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections. We invented UnderCover Rubber to provide a discreet way for men and women to carry condoms at all times. We invented 3 styles – 2 styles that are about the same size as a dollar bill and fit inside most wallets and 1 smaller, free-standing style that fits inside your front pants pocket or inside your purse. Our first Beta test holders were made of vinyl which proved to be too thick, too stiff and was a poor quality fabric/fabrication. Our second Beta test holders are made of Cordura high denier nylon and are a vast improvement over the first iteration. Our student team members are always provided with free samples of all our products including a T-shirt, 4 Koozies, a sheet of stickers and 3 “Tool” Kits with all 3 styles of our current Nylon condom holders. Each “Tool” Kit contains 1 condom holder, 5 different styles/sizes/brands of condoms, a paper tape measure and a tent card with measuring instructions and a sketch showing the profile & dimensions of each of the 5 condoms. The purpose of our “Tool” Kit is to help men find a condom that fits properly for comfort & maximum sexual sensations and to allow both men & women to carry condoms discreetly because, you can’t use a condom unless you have one.
UnderCover Rubber wants students to look into the following questions:
Who are our competitors? What does the market look like? What does our target audience think of the product? (interview 5-10 friends to better understand their views, reservations, expectations, etc.) How should we enhance/improve the product? How should we price the product? What are the best ways to distribute the product? (Consider Logistics) What should be our overall marketing strategy? How should we promote our company? What channels should we utilize? What budget is appropriate for advertising? What messaging should we use? What additional/complimentary products could we offer?

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Engagement Format: Virtual Internship Program (VIP)

Customized, Facilitated Virtual Internship Program

Timeline & Next Steps

Project Inspiration

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Growth Strategy

Business Opportunity Research
Prospecting New Relationships
Designing & Scaling Processes

Product Design & Development

User Testing/Interviewing
Requirements Planning
Product Development/Extension

Research & Development

Competition Due Diligence
Industry Size Assessment
Partnership & Channel Mapping

Sales & Business Development

New Business Opportunity Assessment
Market Testing
Customer Discovery/Interviewing

Academic Mentors

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Academic Program Details

CourseFall 2021 – UnderCover Rubber VIP
Graduate / Undergraduate
  • Advanced Undergraduate
  • All Graduate
Students Enrolled8 Students (Teams of 4 Students per Project)
Student Time Commitment1-3 Hours
Class Meeting Day & Time*TBD

*Note: Company, faculty, and students will finalize meeting and communication schedule after collaboration is finalized

Collaboration Requirements

Requested Industries
Biotech & Pharmaceuticals, Manufacturing
Requested Company Size
  • Established Startup
Duration (09/27/2021 - 11/19/2021)
Company Time Commitment2 Hours per week of mentoring, answering key questions, and providing access to helpful resources
Project Count1


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