Course Title

Growth & Marketing Strategy Project (Fall 2021)

Collaboration Overview

This is a practical course for business students from FIT to work on a topic such as an entrepreneurial strategy using a "Live Case" methodology for the duration of the semester under individual faculty direction. The primary method of instruction and learning is by students participating on an independent team through a practical experience (i.e. internship) to address an actual business problem with a functioning, off-campus "host company". The course is designed to be a vehicle to give students the opportunity to conduct research as part of a team for a "real world" topic/problem presented to them by an actual host company in the marketplace facilitated through CapSource. This research process may include original data gathering (interviews, participant observations, survey methodologies, quantitative/empirical methods, etc.) or primary/secondary source content analysis. The goal is to allow students to gain hands on experience with a brand in the middle of a turnaround. They will also have exposure to the full eCommerce business which is positioning itself to nearly double its percentage of contribution. The objective of the project is to pitch one strategy that will have a monumental impact on the business. Prepare to defend the concept and the course of action needed to achieve the objective. Students have a great deal of freedom in deciding how to approach their respective topic/problem, their research approach, and how to best present their analyses to the host company at the end of the course. Students are expected to adhere to several guidelines: (1) students/teams will be required to work closely with the partnering host company representative (Project Champion) on a regular schedule as presented in the Collaboration Timeline; (2) students will be required to develop and produce deliverables such as their recommendation(s)/solution(s) to present to the host company at the end of the project; and (3) students will be required to maintain regular status updates to the professor as requested. The professor serves as a "guide on the side" as the students are expected to take the initiative on their assigned topic/problem as they would if the were an actual employee of the host company.

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Engagement Format: Live Case

Think "Hackathon" or Case Competition with a whole class of students! This learning format allows educators to deliver experiential learning to students at scale. Students are often split into groups to work on a live case (or a series of cases) from a real host company that directly relates to key learning objectives.

Timeline & Next Steps

  • August 2, 2021

    Collaboration request published. Industry Partners may express interest in participating.

  • August 4, 2021

    Educators will begin interviewing interested Industry Partners to discuss project ideas.

  • September 1, 2021

    Final date for Industry Partners to express interest in participating.

  • September 6, 2021

    Educators and Industry Partners finalize project charters, legal documents, and background materials.

  • September 21, 2021

    OFFICIAL PROJECT LAUNCH: We’ll find a time on this day to web conference you into our class to kickoff the project.

  • December 10, 2021

    OFFICIAL PROJECT END: We’ll find a time on this day to web conference you into our class to close the project.

Project Inspiration

Project templates by topic that might inspire you…

Growth Strategy

Business Opportunity Research
Prospecting New Relationships
Designing & Scaling Processes


Branding Strategy/Redesign
Social Media Optimization
User/Customer Acquisition Strategy Development & Testing


Process Design Review
Scalability Assessment
Inter-Departmental Efficiency Assessment

Product Design & Development

User Testing/Interviewing
Requirements Planning
Product Development/Extension

Purchasing, Logistics, Supply Chain

Sourcing & Distribution Analysis
Inventory Management
Distribution Optimization

Research & Development

Competition Due Diligence
Industry Size Assessment
Partnership & Channel Mapping

Academic Mentors


Tim Muth

[email protected]

Academic Program Details

SchoolFlorida Institute of Technology (Florida Tech)
CourseGrowth & Marketing Strategy Project (Fall 2021)
Graduate / Undergraduate
  • All Undergraduate
  • Advanced Undergraduate
Students Enrolled40
Student Time Commitment4-7 Hours
Class Meeting Day & Time*TBD

*Note: Company, faculty, and students will finalize meeting and communication schedule after collaboration is finalized

Collaboration Requirements

Requested Industries
Accounting & Legal, Aerospace & Defense, Agriculture & Forestry, Arts, Entertainment & Recreation, Biotech & Pharmaceuticals, Business Services, Construction, Repair & Maintenance, Consumer Services, Education, Finance, Government, Health Care, Information Technology, Insurance, Manufacturing, Media, Mining & Metals, Non-Profit, Oil, Gas, Energy & Utilities, Real Estate, Restaurants, Bars & Food Services, Retail, Telecommunications, Transportation & Logistics, Travel & Tourism
Requested Company Size
  • High-Growth Startup
  • Medium Business
Duration12 Weeks (09/14/2021 - 12/10/2021)
  • Local (within 30 miles)
  • Regional (within 90 miles)
  • Fully Remote (located anywhere)
Company Time Commitment2 Hours per week of mentoring, answering key questions, and providing access to helpful resources
Project Count2


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