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Represent and support educational technology companies through steer heading pilots and training, Consult with technology companies looking to access the education market in North America, Develop authentic, student-focused, experiential learning initiatives helping keep students engaged and supported using technology solutions (i.e. Flipgrid), Help learners of all ages identify, adapt and use technology to better access the curriculum/ workplace overcoming learning barriers (AT for reading, writing, executive functioning and mathematics), Develop and train hundreds of teachers on the effective integration of education technology liaising between technical teams and users, Design and facilitate, virtual/in-person, literacy-focused assistive technology workshops globally to international schools, administrators, psychologists, teachers and parents, Utilise the Universal Design for Learning framework creating accessible learning environments, Leverage social media platforms to create/distribute educational videos on assistive technology, Analyse psycho-educational assessments and Individual Education Plans to develop data-driven, individualised programs supporting students with exceptionalities, Leverage technology tools to support English as a Second Language learners succeed in their studies, Apply the ADDIE instructional systems design framework to create teacher training for companies.

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