Spring 2024 IACBE’s Live Case Competition featuring Viralish Recap

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Written by Jordan Levy

This year Spring 2024 IACBE’s Live Case Competition featured Viralish, a Tennessee-based organization, who set fourth the challenge for students to develop:

The 90 Day Creator: A Fast-Track Program and Planning Tool to Help Content Creators Generate $5,000 per Month.”


This project asked students teams to develop an innovative way for Viralish to help business owners and content creators monetize their digital content effectively. Viralish, is a platform that empowers individuals and businesses to amplify their online presence through viral content creation and distribution. By leveraging data-driven insights and strategic marketing techniques, Viralish helps users maximize their reach and engagement across various digital channels. 


Among the participants from schools all around the US, Wentworth Institute of Technology’s winning team stood out for its exceptional approach and execution. The student team of four undergraduate business seniors crafted a curriculum that not only addressed the fundamental principles of content monetization but also provided practical, actionable steps for implementation. What set them apart was their ability to deliver a functioning prototype that demonstrated real-world applicability and effectiveness. The team’s live interactive course prototype wasn’t just theoretical; it was a hands-on guide tailored to the specific needs of business owners and content creators, offering insights and strategies that could be immediately put into practice.


Honorable mentions go out to Lindsey Wilson College (2nd place, 1st time participating) and Chaminade University of Honolulu (3rd place, 15th time participating) who also delivered creative results that were also actionable, unique, and thought-provoking for the Viralish team, especially as they put these student plans into action for their business. 

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