What is an OpenCase

CapSource OpenCases are up-to-date open innovation challenges based on completed Capstone Projects and Live Cases that we previously coordinated for our 150+ university partners. Each of these plug-and-play “Case Studies” is based on a real organization with a real challenge and can be used as an engaging context for homework, group projects, or class discussions.

OpenCases are...


Energize live or virtual classrooms by using our diverse library of case studies based on real challenges from real organizations around the world.


Students can now think through real, complex challenges and practice create valuable solutions for real industry stakeholders from anywhere in the world.


Join our #OpenCases Community where educators, students, and industry experts can meet and discuss the case challenges.

Examples of OpenCases available

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See results from #AllStarStudents

See the power of experiential learning first-hand. These #AllStarStudents stand out as creative critical thinkers across a wide array of CapSource engagements. Their deliverables showcase the high-quality project results they generated based on their collaborations with real industry professionals based on real organizational challenges.


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