How do universities support graduate employability and career development?

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Written by Jordan Levy

CapSource is honored to be featured in an insightful article by Emerge EdTech Insights, which recognizes our work as a leading partner helping academic institution build high-impact industry-integrated experiential learning programs. In addition, Emerge EdTech spent a great deal of time projecting the future state of universities including their career centers and curricular programming.

Here are some key takeaways from the article:


  • Work-Integrated Learning

    Educators and researchers are increasingly focusing on embedding real-world, hands-on activities in course design to better prepare students for their careers.

  • Centralized Relationship Management

    There is a need for a ‘common front door’—a dedicated function to build and manage relationships with industry partners.

  • Third-Party Consistency

    Third-party partners like CapSource introduce greater consistency in establishing these relationships, serving as a clear entry channel for industry collaboration.

  • AI in Education

    Teaching students how to use AI can equip future workers with the skills to enhance their capabilities significantly. CapSource’s programs emphasize integrating AI to streamline tasks and improve efficiency.

  • High-Exposure Occupations

    According to OpenAI’s research, 22% of completions at US degree-granting institutions are in high-exposure industries, indicating a significant shift towards roles impacted by AI and technology.

  • Disruption in Degrees

    This shift is likely to cause significant changes in degrees and programs, necessitating closer collaboration with industry to stay relevant.

  • Connected Employability Journey

    A more connected employability journey uses technology to provide students with opportunities regardless of university size or location.

  • Reference Worth Experience

    Information about students’ participation in employability-boosting activities will be available to employers in a standardized format, enhancing job prospects.

  • Future Needs

    University curricula will increasingly reflect a better understanding of future industry needs through close collaboration with industry partners.

How CapSource Can Enhance Experiential Learning

At CapSource, we specialize in optimizing project-based experiential learning programs, such as capstones, by providing robust tools and resources. Here’s how we support educators:

  1. Project Sourcing Support

    We simplify the process of onboarding industry partners and scoping projects. Our matchmaking service helps identify partners that meet your teaching goals, ensuring clear project requirements and timelines. Learn more about our project sourcing.

  2. Project Design Support

    Tailored projects align with specific course objectives, ensuring academic goals meet industry needs.

  3. Time & Task Tracking

    Our project management tools help track student engagement and progress, identifying where students spend their time and evaluating their next priorities. Explore our time and task tracking.

  4. Skill Development Tracking

    CapSource helps students develop critical skills like problem-solving, teamwork, and communication through hands-on projects.

  5. Feedback Collection

    Implement 360 evaluations and feedback loops to ensure continuous improvement and alignment with project goals. Discover more about our evaluations.

  6. Result Archiving

    Store and leverage past projects to solidify your program and secure new partners more easily in the future.

  7. Badge & Credentialing

    Enhance student employability by providing practical experiences that make them competitive in the job market.


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Read the full article on Emerge EdTech Insights here.

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