Creating a streamlined relocation experience through an easy to use online application.

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OverviewAriva was founded two years ago by global mobility specialists with the goal of simplifying this process, while allowing each user to customize their own moving experience. Ariva is a single- entry point for the essential resources related to moving through an always-available web application. Ariva offers free neighborhood matches, and extensive neighborhood research to make each move easier. The service is monetized in two ways – the first is through an up sell where the user can talk to a mobility specialist about any questions they may have (crime, schools, etc.), and the second is through referrals. These referrals are for services that individuals often need when moving – like moving services, internet/TV, etc.
Growth StageEstablished Startup
Platform ExperienceNo Experience
Remote CollaborationYes
Open toAll Undergraduate / All Graduate
Sponsorship AvailableMaybe
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  • Formal Internship
  • Entry Level Full-Time
  • Upper Level Full-Time

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1133 15th St NW Floor 12, Washington, DC 20005

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