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●  Retail ● Pre-Revenue Startup ● Founded 2020

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OverviewThe idea for this platform grew out of the notion that we are all different, yet at the same time, a lot a like. Groups of us often want and need the same things, sometimes these might be very small niche crowds, other times might be entire communities depending on the items/products/services we are focusing on. Regardless, hardly ever, if ever, do we usually stand alone in our desire for "something". And therein lies the purpose of CoBuyO, we make it as easy as possible to leverage the power of the many, so that the individuals can benefit the most The above paragraph was pretty epic huh? If you are still reading (or like most of us "scanning" words), here is a more personal story of how the idea emerged. Long time ago, when I was in 8th grade, I was standing in line waiting to buy tickets to go see the Matrix (yeah, I know great flick), but I noticed a sign/banner hanging above the customer service desk that read "Group of 12 or more, ask about party pricing". And I thought to myself, there is a lot of people in line, why not just ask 12 random people to go to the desk with me and get some special pricing? So you know what I did... nothing, I just waited in line and paid full price, and over the next several years figuratively speaking that is what I and all of You have also been doing, paying full price, waiting for something like CobuyO to come out and allow us, together, to get special pricing.
Growth StagePre-Revenue Startup
Platform ExperienceNo Experience
Remote CollaborationYes
Open toAll Undergraduate / All Graduate
Sponsorship AvailableNo
Hiring PotentialN/A

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