Live Case Competitions

What's a Live Case Competition

Live Case Competitions allow student teams to compete and work with Industry Partners synchronously as they come up with the best solution for a real-world challenge that the company is facing. Students are then given the opportunity to present their solutions to the company’s senior leadership who provides feedback and rank the best reponses.


This module provides students an opportunity to work on skills such as market research, strategy development, written report development, and live presentations. As a result, students are able to network and gain reference-worthy experience that they need to set themselves apart upon entering the workforce.

Benefits for students who participate in Live Case Competitions


Tired of assigning the same old boring textbook cases for homework assignments? Replace those with new, up-to-date cases for FREE!


Give your students a case study based around a current problem a real company is facing. This better connects students with real world issues building the skills they need for a career post graduation.


Energize live or virtual classroom discussions by creating relevant and interesting discussion topics based around any of our OpenCases available.

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The Live Case Competition Model

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