Live Case Competition

The perfect tool to help you organize and manage project based competitions

Benefits of A Case Competition

CapSource’s Live Case Competition tool enables business leaders to engage both internal or external stakeholders that work in teams to come up with the best solutions for your strategic challenge.

Our system helps to define your challenge, onboard and manage participants, share resources and updates, track progress, and evaluate outcomes in a fully customizable and branded way.

These experiences are always engaging for participants and valuable for organizations. They often yield highly innovative, actionable ideas while also cultivating talent in a refreshing way,

The Experiential Hiring Bargain

Experiential Hiring is a way for employers to recruit, assess, and hire candidates based on skills they demonstrate over the course of project.

For years, employers have been citing the skills gap as a key challenge since most entry-level employees don’t have the soft or technical skills needed to be successful from day one on the job.

Experiential Hiring helps employers better attract, train, select, and retain top talent and is a unique and engaging way to recruit and assess talent before making expensive, full-time commitments.

Organizations Benefit from Case Competitions...

Generate New and Exciting Solutions

Engage, Train, and Evaluate Talent

Accelerate Careers for Top-Performers

Partner With CapSource for Case Competitions

Easily Design your Project

Sign-up and begin by creating a fully customized case that is geared to provide you with unique solutions and accelerate your business. Leverage our templates and project builder to ensure your innovation challenge is well-defined. Finalize your timeline and share appropriate resources to ensure participants can hit the ground running.

On-Board Participants and Build Teams

Once finalized, you will be able to easily add participants including any mentors and judges. Participants can be grouped into any size team.

Once the teams are finalized, participants can begin reviewing all the project information.

Launch and Manage Experiance

Launch and manage the experience by organizing meetings, uploading new resources, sharing updates, collecting deliverables, and providing feedback to participants in order to ensure they stay on track and create the most valuable and innovative solutions possible.

Invite Judges and Evaluate Preformance

Invite judges to evaluate each team’s performance. Leverage our existing evaluations to streamline your process of providing high-quality feedback to participants while also ranking top performers.

As a bonus, we help your participants reflect on their experience and we provide you with their feedback to help you improve future competitions.

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