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The Company

NamePrecious Plastic Cincy
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The Case Assignment

Carbon Neutral Operations

Case Synopsis

Precious Plastic Cincy manufactures homeware for consumers and other items for small businesses. We will be shipping products throughout the country which will increase our carbon footprint as well as expanding our manufacturing operation. With these things in mind, we know we will have to account for our footprint in some way and a great way to do that is identify a carbon neutral company to help us achieve this. The complexity enters when we want to be able to do this in some sort of automated way within in our company and the carbon neutrality space has a lot of startups which makes it challenging to figure out which one works best for a business at first glance. The project will allow the student to get a better understanding of the circular economy, social impact ventures, and what it is like to work at a startup. We are looking for a student to understand our End to End process and help us figure out the best way to make minimum carbon impact on our planet. The work the student does will be put into practice immediately as we don't currently have a partner in this space.

Your Instructions

-Identify a carbon neutral vendor for Precious Plastic Cincy to partner with.
-Identify and estimate the points in the process we need to account for in Carbon Neutrality

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