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Cyber Threat Hunting as a service for SMB

Case Synopsis

Cybersecurity is a growing challenge, especially for SMB, which lack the resources and talent for managing such complex problems. Furthermore, most of the efforts SMB does are focused on prevention, forgetting that we have an enormous disadvantage against adversaries for stopping all attacks. Even the most powerful prevention architecture is not 100% successful, therefore we have to also focus on detection, assuming an adversary is already inside our organization is a key mindset on today´s cybersecurity strategy. However, building a 24x7 threat hunting team is out of scope for any SMB, it is just not its business. On the other hand, traditional detection tools and services are very pricy, targeted for big corporations, not affordable by SMBs either.

Here is where the opportunity for a specialized, cost-affordable, cloud-based, "as a service" solution comes into place. Pulling out the threat hunting business from its niche and democratize it for SMBs as well.

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