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The Company

NameRemote Intelligence
TaglineAdvanced aerial drone systems and services.
# Employees10-25
Growth StageHigh-Growth Startup
DescriptionRemote Intelligence is an aerial drone service company who provides expert consultation, training, flight services, and data processing. We have focused primarily in the research, environmental, and energy sectors. Founded in 2013, we are early implementors in the drone market, with a strong client base and good growth. Our team, while small, is highly experienced and we are positioned strongly in the market. Our background is in the environmental sciences and mapping, which has meshed well with aerial drone technology. The values of higher image quality, rapid deployment, improved safety, affordability, and the ability to capture current conditions resonate with our clientele. Remote Intelligence has been a lead innovator, finding new solutions in these fields to streamline processes.
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The Case Assignment

Develop and refine deer thermal survey procedures using drones.

Case Synopsis

Deer aerial surveys have long been conducted using manned aircraft equipped with thermal cameras. With the advent of aerial drones and the miniaturization of sensors, these surveys can now be conducted more safely and economically using drone systems. The project goal is to develop standardized methodology to ensure high quality deer survey results that are scientifically valid and repeatable. Remote Intelligence has several deer survey projects scheduled for this winter to provide the field data, and the ability to conduct additional surveys to compare other methodologies as needed.

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