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The Company

NameLehigh Innovator’s Alliance
TaglineConnecting Lehigh's Entrepreneurial Alumni
# EmployeesN/A
Growth StageHigh-Growth Startup
DescriptionIn 1865, Asa Packer’s innovative and entrepreneurial spirit led to the establishment of Lehigh University, and through this action, he laid down the foundation for which his values could be passed on from generation to generation. From Baker Institute to Mountaintop and every school in between, innovation and entrepreneurship have been a significant part of our history, and it’s thriving at Lehigh more than ever.
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The Case Assignment

Outline Strategic Plan to Align Lehigh’s Innovator Alliance with On-Campus Organizations

Case Synopsis

The Innovator's Alliance wants to more closely align with on-campus groups that we can use to incubate membership once those students graduate. We also feel these would be good connections for us to build over time, especially as we look to offer more programming like networking events and professional development opportunities.

Your Instructions

Please build a 1 to 2 page outline of your strategic plan of how you would ideally align Lehigh's Innovator Alliance with different parts of the On-Campus experience, including faculty, degree programs, co-curricular groups, and other types of associations and organizations.

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